Tips On Creating A Fantastic and Memorable Wedding Speech

Memorable Wedding Speech

Back in the olden days, wedding speeches were only given by men and usually by the fathers of both the groom and the bride. Traditionally only men in the family members gave blessings to a newly married couple who took wedding vows, and gave wedding speeches and blessings in a very serious and solemn manner. Years later, women also joined the tradition of giving speeches at wedding ceremonies. 

How did the tradition of speech giving at wedding parties change over the years? 

Today, both wedding parties participate in speech-giving traditions, including the couple. With each passing day, the tradition is becoming elaborate and bigger. Days are gone when mostly men delivered only 30-second wedding speeches for the family. These days, family members make 4 to 7 minutes wedding speech after rehearsing properly and even read the wedding speech on paper repeatedly to ensure delivering a famous wedding speech in front of the audience. In addition, the pattern of wedding speech has changed as it includes all the guests present at the wedding and not only the newly married couple.

What should you include in a wedding speech? 

The wedding speeches in the olden days were off the cliff and extremely short and were delivered in a very touching and serious manner to make the event more emotional. Still, today, wedding speakers include humorous antics in their speeches so that the guests can roar with laughter and make the ceremony a little lighter. Therefore, the speech giver must include a personal touch in their speech. Suppose you find writing your wedding speech difficult. In that case, you can hire a professional speechwriter to help you insert some of your personality and attitude into your speech and help you confidently give the speech at the wedding reception.

Basic factors to consider while giving a wedding speech

It’s a privilege to get a chance to make a wedding speech to honor the bride and the groom. You can give a sentimental tribute to the couple and make this lifetime moment joyous or humorous. Whether you want to add humor in your wedding speech or not is entirely your personal preference, and you should include things that match the personality of the person to whom you are referring. The basic order for giving wedding speeches that take place is as follows: best man (the speech of the best man takes place before food is served) followed by the groom’s parents, brides parent’s, maid of honor, broom, and the bride. The correct order is to toast after the speech of the bride. What you say in a wedding speech depends on how you’ve planned to write proper content.

Things to avoid in your wedding speech

Avoid starting a wedding speech right after one finishes a wedding speech, as it will create a monotonous and long discussion for the audience, which can be daunting for them to listen constantly, even if you say humorous elements in your speech. The first speaker is supposed to give toasts to the newly married couple before the meal, and the next speaker should speak after finishing the meal. As in many wedding receptions, alcohol is served, so the speeches must be finished before alcohol consumption as it will be difficult for the wedding speakers to orate properly after getting drunk.

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