Tips for Umrah in Ramadan


During Ramadan, thousands of pilgrims travel to the holy lands to do Umrah. For all Muslims, Umrah is a unique journey. And its significance grows throughout the holy month. However, if you are going to perform it during the blessed month, you should take a look at “Tips for Umrah in Ramadan”. It will provide thorough information and hints for minor pilgrimage during Ramadan.

In Islam, the ninth month of the lunar calendar is Ramadan. It’s also known as a month of fasting. Fasting during Ramadan is one of the Islamic pillars.

Muslims fast from dawn till dusk during this month. During this holy month, Allah opens the gates of Heaven and closes the gates of Hell. Every year, millions of Muslims travel to Mecca to seek Allah for forgiveness for their past sins. Let’s examine the tips and blessings of completing Umrah in the Holy month.

Following is some advice for making the Umrah during Ramadan:

  • Management
  • General Tips
  • Things you need to pack
  • Mecca/Umrah
  • Taraweeh
  • Iftar and Sahoor
  • Health advice


The first thing you need to do is choose a reputable travel agency (Labbaik Hajj Umrah) that will make standardized preparations for you. It’s preferable to book Ramadan Umrah Packages early, whether you are travelling alone or with family. When travelling alone, you should make early reservations for everything, including flights, lodging, and transportation.

The cost of accommodation and flights typically rises during Ramadan. You may encounter various challenges when performing Umrah in Mecca due to the numerous pilgrims there. The best action for you is to get in touch with the top travel agencies. So they can offer you the best services for Umrah.

General Tips:  

Keep in mind that you will be entering a large crowd, so get ready to handle it. It’s possible to become separated from your partner and group due to the high volume of pilgrims. So you should plan a point elsewhere to meet. Have a cell phone and a SIM card to contact your roommates/partners. To buy a SIM card in Saudi Arabia, you will require a passport, thumbprint, etc. for verification.

SIM cards are readily available in shops and stores around. During the Sa’i, you can make a meet point below the green light. Always be patient, and keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to win Allah’s favour. Stay close to Him, and always respond to His invitation.

Things you need to pack: 

It’s appropriate to only bring the items you will need on your trip to keep your luggage minimal. Remember, it’s not your trip or holiday, but an act of worship. You can carry a bag, medication, money, daily necessities and some other items. Occasionally you won’t be able to sit close to the pillars, so bring your small book of the Quran. You should bring a portable prayer mat because Ramadan is a great time to use one.


After Asar prayers, there is a large gathering of pilgrims who perform the Tawaf, and it can take a long time. Sa’i, the most significant part of Umrah, may take close to an hour. It’s then time for Iftar and Maghrib prayers. You are heading back to the hotel for Iftar and returning while being exhausted. When you get back to the hotel from the mosque, the gates may be locked. So, during Ramadan, early in the morning is the ideal time to perform Umrah.


It’s the most well-known Sunnah prayer of Ramadan. Prepare yourself to stand up for approximately two hours to offer Taraweeh prayers. Al-Haram and Al-Nabwi mosques have an amazing environment for prayers. You can find a suitable guide for Taraweeh to view various videos and by reading blogs/articles.

Iftar and Sahoor:

Take into consideration the Iftar and Sahoor hours at your hotel restaurant. It’s advisable to refrain from eating too much. But eating dates and nuts in Sahoor will give you energy all day. A buffet facility is available at almost all dining venues from Maghrib to Iftar and Fajr prayers.

Umrah during Ramadan is just as beneficial as the Hajj. It’s the ideal method for increasing your benefits and blessings. Furthermore, it’s a journey that demands both physical and spiritual preparation. Being well, eating right, and having a strong devotion to God are essential. It is recommended to make a list of prayers for your loved ones but make arrangements for Umrah packages first. I hope the above advice is useful for you.

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