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TikTok Takes On YouTube With New 10-Minute Video Length


Instead of limiting creators to three or five minutes for their videos, TikTok now allows them to make videos that can last up to ten minutes.

The company tested various video lengths the producers may publish during the past 18 months, with a five-minute limit in effect as of 2019.

Some producers, nevertheless, wanted TikTok to increase the length to compete with YouTube and Instagram Reels. However, it begs whether TikTok viewers want 10-minute films to sift through in their “For You” feed now that it is available. 

The History of TikTok Increasing the Maximum Video Length

TikTok was well-known for its brief, 15-second videos when it originally debuted in 2016. These movies were simple to watch and ideal for scanning the app. TikTok quickly upped the maximum video duration to 60 seconds.

The maximum video length on TikTok gets raised to three minutes in July 2021. And in February 2022, it once more began pushing out longer videos. The maximum duration of this time is 10 minutes.

Why Is TikTok Lengthening Videos?

According to TikTok, they are hoping that the new increase in the quota would provide our creators around the globe with even more creative freedom. Over the past few years, TikTok has gradually increased the number of videos users can upload. 

Given the popularity of short-form videos’ rise, TikTok’s decision is an intriguing one. Short-form video, however, is notoriously difficult to monetize. While TikTok has a Creator Fund and tipping options, the payoff potential of YouTube advertising outweighs them.

10-minute videosare they too long for TikTok?

It’s crucial to keep in mind that not every video needs to be 10 minutes lengthy. In actuality, most videos probably don’t need to be that long. However, some videos might be effective at that length. Think of a 10-minute instructional film as an illustration. All the processes required to finish a task could get explained in this video. Or picture a video blog where the host spends ten minutes discussing a subject, they find interesting. These videos might perform well on TikTok.

The hazards associated with longer videos are real, though. People’s attention spans are constrained, to start. Consequently, some viewers could find a 10-minute video to be excessively long. Second, longer films may make it more difficult for TikTok to remain unique. Quick, bite-sized videos are the app’s specialty. People may begin to associate TikTok by sign up here to make long-form videos rather than short, snappy films if it starts uploading more substantial videos.

What Does TikTok’s Future Hold for 10-Minute Videos?

Long-form videos aren’t TikTok’s strong suit. It provides viewers with suggested content. In contrast, YouTube functions much like a search engine. Additionally, consumers are significantly more likely to watch a longer video if they are specifically for it. TikTok has never been reluctant to change course to make anything work.

Given this, it wouldn’t be out of the question for the app to provide a dedicated tab for longer-form video content. If TikTok does manage to get this right, it will pave the way for creators to publish long-form videos across numerous platforms and allow marketers to choose how much money they want to spend on advertising.

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