The Story Of A Borderless Company

A Borderless Company

Most companies aspire to be innovative and devise strategies by thinking out-of-the-box. However, things may not work out as planned. For instance, the pandemic broke the back of several organisations in budget cuts, layoffs, and lockdown orders. Further, the economic stature continues to falter even after two years. Only a handful of forward-looking business owners took this opportunity to amplify their business operations in these dire circumstances. One of those business owners is the founder and CEO of Klingit, Teddy Wold.

Wold started his professional career as a freelance web designer after he dropped out of college. A visionary by nature, he wanted to unravel the secrets behind the success of modernised tech agencies. He developed an e-learning portal to teach school kids in Sweden about HTML programming at a young age. He also established his own company, TCT, that continued operating until it was acquired by [enter the company’s name][MA1] .

However, his purple patch came when Wold and his partner, Rikard Hegelund, founded Klingit in 2020. That year, many businesses suffered the wrath of the COVID-19 pandemic, and some even got bankrupted. According to a report, more than 1400 businesses in the UK are about to file for bankruptcy due to COVID-19. On the other hand, Klingit started its operations during the pandemic and managed to flourish, thanks to its fresh and open mindset.

The company uses the remote working model to perform their operations, so both its employees and clients are spread all around the world. Wold identified that organisations have limitations when they hire a workforce. For instance, when they hire professionals locally, it adds a restriction to their talent pool. Klingit uses an evolved hiring procedure that eradicates all border-related limitations. According to Wold, this approach gives the business both the freedom to hire the best people and provide equal opportunities. Furthermore, since the employees are only judged based on their merit, other irrelevant details like race, colour, gender are ruled out, offering everyone a level playing field. 

“Klingit is a company that is remote itself” – Teddy Wold, Klingit’s CEO and Founder

The current market state of the design industry majorly delivers lacklustre performances. Klingit’s unique working model allows them to reach out to global talent. However, its prime focus is delivering high-quality work, but it’s done remotely. 

Wold further identified that since people are acquired from countries with different time zones, they can reduce the delivery time. They use a SaaS-based interface that helps assign different projects to the best possible professionals. This means that a Klingit employee could be someone travelling in the middle of the Caribbean, carrying a laptop and working for a client in Sweden.

Wold believes building a solid team structure must not have roadblocks. It’s all about creating the right setup. A flexible working style from the comfort of a home may bring out the best in employees and create a healthy work-life balance. He also added that his goal is to create more equal opportunities and provide the benefits that employees deserve. The company also encourages a learning mindset for its employees; therefore, it provides online training opportunities for its workers to hone their skills.

One of the secrets to Klingit’s rapid rise is how the founders are managing it. Several organisations found it hard to manage their employees during the pandemic. After all, the lack of face-to-face contact can be a disadvantage for many. Nonetheless, Teddy Wold is a leader who believes that flexibility can bring out the best in professionals, so he leveraged modern communication tools to optimise the virtual company structure and facilitate his remote employees. He has proven that exceptionally well in the way Klingit has become a borderless company, with a lot of promise for the future.  


Please tell us the name of the company that acquired/bought TCT.

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