The Professional Scrum Master Certification in 2023 at Knowlathon

The Professional Scrum Master Certification in 2023 at Knowlathon

The Professional Scrum Master Certification is good for the individuals looking to validate their knowledge of the Scrum framework and its application. When you clear this assessment, you will receive the industry-recognized PSM Certification to demonstrate your fundamental level of Scrum mastery.

The PSM I assessment is of 60 minutes, where you have to answer 80 multiple choice questions. You can take this exam from your home online. However, taking PSM Course is not mandatory, and can take the exam directly. But it is recommended to take a course from a recognized training institute to help you prepare for the assessment and gain a stronger understanding of Scrum. 

Preparing for the PSM Assessment

The assessment is of difficulty level, and thorough preparation is required to achieve a passing score. Just reading the Scrum Guide and going through the Open Assessments alone does not falls in the category of good preparation. It can be a better idea to review as below:

  • Go for the assessments covering topics from multiple Focus Areas defined by the Professional Scrum Competencies.
  • During the assessment, you will come across many questions that ask you to think about the meaning of the Scrum Guide. You must understand how to apply Scrum within a Scrum team. 
  • The PSM suggested reading lists the focus areas from which questions may be chosen during the assessment. 
  • The Scrum Master Learning path from Knowlathon contains many additional resources to help you prepare and successfully take the PSM Assessment. 

How to Get PSM Certification?

Getting a PSM Certification can be easy if you know what to focus on. Follow the steps below, which will guide you on the right path for PSM Certification. 

Step 1: Read the Scrum Guide: The first step towards your preparation is to read the Scrum Guide. Go through this guide over and over again. Try to print it, mark the important parts and make notes if needed. Understand the roles and responsibilities in detail, and know who is accountable and for what.

Step 2: Scrum Glossary: Read the Scrum Glossary in detail, and ensure that you are familiar with all the terms of the Scrum Guide.

Step 3: Take Open Assessments: Open assessments are available at Take these assessments, and repeat them until you achieve a 100% score mark. Consider taking the Product Owner open assessment also, to help you prepare to resolve complex questions that might otherwise ruin your overall score. 

Step 4: Take Mock Tests: Apart from open assessment tests, you can also find mock tests that help you prepare for the PSM exam. Take various quizzes available online before taking the final PSM exam. 

Step 5: Take PSM Certification Training from Knowlathon: The course from Knowlathon will help you prepare for the PSM Certification. During this training you will:

  • Learn the principles of Scrum Framework and Agile
  • Know more about the contents of the Scrum Guide in deep
  • Practice your exam with the help of various quizzes 
  • Get important exam tips from the team of Knowlathon
  • Go through exam simulation with the help of mock exam questions

Tips for Passing the PSM Exam

The PSM exam is taken online and you get only 60 minutes to answer 80 questions. You need to provide at least 68 correct answers to qualify for this exam. It is critical to make yourself familiarize with the concepts of PSM, as you have a limited time. Also, ensure that you have:

  • Stable Internet Connection: As the PSM exam is online, ensure that you have a stable internet connection. Moreover, you can choose to attempt the exam during the hour when the internet connection is most stable.
  • Choose a Convenient and Peaceful Time Slot: Make yourself relaxed during your exam and stay away from any distractions. Find the best time away from any hustle and bustle, and give your best to score a high percentage.
  • Read All the Questions Carefully: You will find many similar MCQs, when you go through your question paper quickly. Take your time, and answer once you have understood the question.
  •  Use a Timer: Using a timer during your practice session is a brilliant idea. It will ensure that you can solve your paper in the required stipulated time.
  • Mark the Hard Questions: Don’t get stuck over hard questions. Skip these questions for the time being and attempt them later. Note that because of the time constraint, it is impossible to review more than five to seven questions. So be careful while marking the hard questions. 
  • Read all the Answers: Even when you have the correct answer, go through all the options, and never select the first one you think is right. 
  • Answer All the Questions: As the PSM assessment is not negatively marked, use your instinct to answer the questions you don’t know.

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