Choosing the Best CRM For SaaS Companies

crm for saas companies

When it comes to choosing the right CRM for your SaaS company, you have many options. Zoho, HubSpot, and Insightly are three popular CRM solutions. Here is a look at their key features and how they can help you improve your business.

While these three CRM solutions may not be perfect for your business, they are all well worth considering. Insightly: a streamlined CRM for your SaaS company.


Insightly’s CRM for SaaS companies can help you manage the sales cycle and close more deals. The software has a user-friendly interface, with colorful visuals and intuitive icons. Its features are carefully architected to work together with the rest of the application. With very little training, you’ll be able to easily navigate between different tasks. For example, you can quickly determine the status of an existing lead, and then use the same record for future communication.

Insightly the best CRM for SaaS businesses can integrate with popular platforms such as WooCommerce. Its Lead Management feature helps you keep track of leads. It can automatically link web forms to lead forms, allowing you to capture visitor information from email or web forms. Insightly also supports forms and landing pages, including live chat. It is easy to import your customer data into Insightly.

Customer support is another advantage of this best CRM for SaaS companies. Insightly offers three support plans: Basic, Admin, and Premium. The Premium plan includes admin training, while the Ultimate plans include training for all users. The Premium plan also includes a quarterly CEO webinar and an onboarding program. The Admin plan offers advanced feature workshops and training for all users. It is also free to use for small companies, freelancers, and nonprofits.


When most people think of CRM, they probably think of Point of Sale (POS) software. That’s the place where a sale takes place. In fact, it often starts with a lead and ends with the customer completing a transaction. It may involve more than one POS. In that case, Zoho CRM may be the best choice for you. Its features include lead scoring, email follow-up automation, and live chat. And unlike other CRMs, Zoho’s sales force automation and marketing automation tools are fully customizable and scalable.

In addition to its sales force automation features, Zoho CRM includes a Contact Management tool. It lets you keep track of your contacts and manage them in a structured way. You can even establish rules for assigning contacts and import contacts from other applications. The tool also integrates with POP-enabled email services, and the system can be customized to work with Microsoft Outlook. For more information, please visit the Zoho CRM website.

Zoho CRM is easy-to-use and customizable. It is scalable and has a 360-degree view of your customers. Its AI-powered Zia sales assistant provides real-time assistance when your team is trying to close a deal. Zoho CRM also syncs across devices, allowing your team to access information on their cell phones or tablets. You can even integrate third-party apps with the CRM to automate even more tasks and improve productivity.


For SaaS companies, HubSpot CRM provides powerful tools to nurture leads and provide exceptional customer experiences. It’s more than just a CRM, it’s an all-in-one marketing solution that streamlines processes and improves strategies. Read on to find out how HubSpot can help your SaaS company.

The HubSpot CRM allows you to tie every company action directly to revenue. Its comprehensive system allows you to track every single company action, from lead generation to customer support. It’s integrated with the HubSpot CMS, allowing each department to access leads through a single, shared portal. HubSpot CRM also comes with sales, marketing, service, and operations hubs, so that all departments have access to the same information. In addition, the HubSpot CRM can track revenue and customer lifetime value.

The free version of HubSpot CRM has many features, including an email marketing tool, contact management, list segmentation, and custom forms. Paid versions add expert support, Salesforce integration, help desk automation, and unlimited email marketing. The free version is designed for a small business to start, and it can help you create a lead, customer, and advertise your product. You can also use HubSpot CRM for SaaS companies to create custom email templates, automate email sequences, and track your business growth.

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