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Steps To Treat Road Rash From A Motorcycle Accident 

A motorcycle ride feels exhilarating for many people. Feeling the wind on the face gives a unique experience to many. Unfortunately, a motorcycle ride can also come with risks. Road rash refers to the injury you may face due to an accident. While most road rashes may not cause severe complications, others can turn life-threatening. It is a challenging form of injury developing when the skin comes in contact with rough objects or roads when you suffer from an accident. Motorcycle riders suffer from these injuries more compared to others. Are you interested in knowing more? Then, check below. 

About Road Rash 

Road rash has become a common injury during an accident. It can cause skin trauma. It may also affect the soft tissue. Such problems develop due to friction from a pavement or road surface. Experts classify the injuries into the following varieties: 

  • Abrasion 
  • Avulsion 
  • Laceration 
  • Thermal burn 

Any of the injuries mentioned alone can lead to significant trauma. They may also put your life at risk when combined with road rash. Immediate intervention may protect you from severe complications. Treating the road rash can reduce the risk of scarring, infection, and disability. Are you interested in knowing how to treat road rash from a motorcycle accident? Read ahead. 

Classification And Treatment Of Road Rash 

The steps to treat road rash, also known as friction burns, depends on its severity. Medical professionals categorize road rash into three types. It can range from minor scrapes to injuries triggering life-threatening complications like: 

First-Degree Road Rash 

First-degree road rash refers to skin abrasion without any other injuries. It is also known as raspberry leading to minor chafing on the skin surface. The first-degree injury affects only the epidermis. It may not go deeper into the tissue present beneath the skin. You can treat the first-degree road rash at home. The steps include: 

  • Wash your hands before starting the treatment. Use soap and water to remove the bacteria or dirt in your hands. Bacteria can infect the wound developed due to road rash. 
  • Rinse the injured site using lukewarm and clear water to remove the dirt and foreign bodies. Never scrub the injury to remove the dirt. If it becomes impossible to remove all grime and dirt without scrubbing, see a doctor. 
  • Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly or antibiotic salve. Apply a dressing to keep the wound hydrated and protect it from getting infected. 
  • Change the dressing every day. Replace the injury dressing when it gets dirty or wet. 

Seek medical assistance when you see signs of infection. An expert opinion becomes necessary when you see signs of improper wound healing. 

Second-Degree Road Rash 

With second-degree road rash, your outer and deep layers of skin become affected. While the injury impacts the epidermis and dermis, it may not impact the muscles or tissues beneath the injured site. Get an expert medical opinion to treat the injury. Never attempt to treat such injuries at home. Go to a nearby hospital or emergency room to get treatment. How do you know you have suffered a second-degree road rash? The symptoms include the following:  click here

  • Bleeding from the injury site 
  • Swelling  
  • The injury site radiates heat 
  • Exposed nerves, tendons, or muscles 
  • Painful to touch the injury 

At the hospital, your doctor will clean the wound. Before cleaning the wound, the doctor may prescribe pain medication. It can numb the pain while the doctor cleans the wound. The doctor applies antibiotic ointment before using a sterile dressing. You have to follow the instruction provided by the doctor to take care of the wound. 

Third-Degree Road Rash 

Third-degree road rash can lead to severe injuries. It may prove fatal without immediate medical assistance. It requires attention and care from medical professionals. The injuries have serious nature as they can impact the epidermis and dermis. Third-degree road rash can also damage tissue like: 

  • Tendons 
  • Muscles 
  • Ligaments 
  • Veins 
  • Nerves 
  • Bones 
  • Arteries 
  • Internal organs 

Some people may not feel pain. It does not mean your injury has less severity. In some cases, the nerve endings tend to damage due to the road rash. It leads to loss of sensation. Visit the doctor immediately when you have a wound with no pain. The doctors can suggest surgical treatment options like skin grafts to treat the condition. 

A Word Of Advice 

When you suffer an accident, your health has utmost significance. Unfortunately, road rash can also lead to financial damage. You need to spend money for your treatment, medications, damage to property, and other expenses. The emotional trauma of living through an accident can also affect your mental state. This emotional turmoil may follow you even after the healing of wounds.  

The flying motorcycle rider may have no hand in the accident. But, they suffer from injuries due to negligence from others. In such cases, the rider can take legal action. With a win, you can get compensation from the people whose actions resulted in the accident. You can get the assistance of an experienced motorcycle accident injury attorney to claim compensation. An expert can help you win the case and get monetary benefits. 


When you suffer from a road rash, get medical assistance. Also, try to speak to an experienced motorcycle accident injury attorney. It can increase the chances of receiving the compensation you deserve. You have only a short window to take legal action and access evidence pointing to the actual party who caused the accident. Try to protect your right by seeking legal advice from the experts. 

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