Simple And Safe Eco-Friendly Pest Control Tips

The first thing any homeowner does upon finding a pest in the house is to grab the repellant bottle and spray it all over the area. As far as DIY methods go, this is the easiest method in the USA. However, research has shown that these spray bottles contain harsh chemicals that are harmful to the environment as well as to humans. Taking in the tiny particles of the spray can harm you. 

Pests like cockroaches glide at lightning speed and require several sprays before they are killed. Those several sprays mean more exposure to volatile organic compounds from the chemical, putting your health at risk. For professional eco-friendly services, talk to pest control Escondido. Meanwhile, here are some simple tips you can follow. 

Simple and safe eco-friendly pest control tips 

  • Heat treatment. 

Heat treatment involves heating up a room up to a certain temperature or more to kill the bugs present inside. Some bugs that die above 56 degrees Celsius include bed bugs, moths, cockroaches, and fleas. Along with pests, their offspring and larvae also cannot survive in such a temperature. Therefore, heat treatment prevents re-infestation. The best thing about heat treatment is that it is not targeted; rather, it kills all the bugs in one room. 

  • Avoid rat baits and use rattraps instead. 


Using poison to kill rats is an effective way to get rid of them. However, when the rats come in contact with the poison, it kills the pests slowly and makes them suffer for a while before finally killing them, making the procedure inhumane. Moreover, if another animal or your pet accidentally comes in contact with or eats the poisoned rat, they may die and spread diseases. 

A better and more humane way is to set rattraps. They do not hurt the mice and do the job effectively. 

  • Proofing. 

For large pests like mice and rats, the most effective and eco-friendly solution is pest-proofing your house. This means identifying the entry points of these pests and sealing them off. Attic spaces, drainpipes, and air vents are some areas where rats and mice enter. You can use mesh and other materials to create a barrier. 

  • Sticky board for insects. 

You can find sticky boards in the market used to trap insects. These boards have an adhesive strong enough to trap any insects that try to walk over them. The insect cannot move their body once it comes in contact with the adhesive board, and that is how they get trapped. You can then dispose of the board properly. 

If you are struggling to remove pests from your property, contact a pest control service today. 

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