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SEO in the Age of Algorithms: Staying Ahead in the Search Landscape

SEO in the Age of Algorithms

Do you know how SEO has changed in the age of algorithms? 

SEO has completely transformed how a content piece ranks in the search engine result pages. 

If you want to stay ahead in the search landscape, then you must understand the algorithms and make new SEO strategies according to them. Read below to learn more about it. 

The Changing Algorithms

Adapting to those changes

The search engines run on complex algorithms that determine which website will rank on the first page of the search engine results pages(SERP). 

Once upon a time, these algorithms were based on matching only the keywords. 

But, now these algorithms consider different factors like the following:-

  • User intent
  • Backlinks 
  • Content quality

The tricky part is that these algorithms are constantly changing and continuously updating. That’s why you need to regularly adapt to those changes. 

So, first, understand them completely and then adapt to those changes. You can get help from any SEO company Houston to get a better understanding of the algorithms. 

Essential parts of SEO nowadays

1. Building quality backlinks

There was a time when the quantity of backlinks used to matter a lot in terms of ranking a website. But that’s not the case anymore! 

Nowadays, the quality of those backlinks matters a lot more because of the updated algorithms. 

If your SEO backlink strategy involves backlinks that are relevant to your niche and credible, then that’s more than enough! Whereas, if you incorporate a lot of those in your content, then that can lead to penalties as well. 

That’s why you should go for building quality backlinks instead of quantity. 

2. Leveraging technical SEO

Technical SEO is very important to make your website rank on the first page of the SERP. 

Technical SEO includes aspects like:-

  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Website’s loading speed
  • Secure browsing experience

Leveraging the above factors and optimizing your website for technical SEO will ensure that your website gets the high ranking that it deserves. 

If you neglect the technical SEO of your website, then that can lead to losing out on a big chunk of the traffic that you can get. 

3. Context complimenting content

As you must be aware of the famous quote, “Content is King.” It holds true even now, but do you know what matters more in the age of algorithms? The context of that content! 

Most search engines try to provide only the best results to their users, which satisfies the search intent. 

So, you should post only that content on your website that fully satisfies the search intent of the user, along with providing the right context. 

Optimizing for mobiles and voice search


6.92 billion people in the whole world use smartphones, which is close to 86% population of the planet. Most of these individuals use their mobile phones to explore websites. That’s why optimizing your websites for mobile phones is the most essential part of SEO today. 

In fact, Google has shifted to mobile-first indexing now and even incorporated it into its algorithms. This means Google indexes a website’s mobile version to rank that particular webpage on the SERP. 

That’s the precise reason you should optimize your website for smartphones: to get a lot of organic traffic. 

Voice Search

Voice-enabled assistants & speakers are getting very popular among people. The reason behind this is that they offer unmatched convenience and precise results, which proves to be very helpful. 

Moreover, smartphones available in the market today also with voice search enabled. 

Since voice queries are conversation-based and longer, that’s why featured snippets have come into the picture now. 

These snippets are directly read out by the search engines from the most relevant result as per the query. 

So, you should optimize your website’s content for voice searches and featured snippets to rank it on the top of SERP as per the algorithms. 

The importance of user experience(UX)

Going beyond clicks

With changing algorithms, user experience has become one of the most important ranking factors. 

They include the following metrics:-

  • Click-through rates
  • Bounce rates
  • Time spent on the page

If a user leaves your website soon after opening it even though you have put great content on it, then that could be because of the poor UX of your website. 

So, you should think beyond clicks and make your website’s UX outstanding to delight your audience. 


Automating with AI

AI has given SEO executives a wonderful opportunity to automate their repetitive tasks according to the algorithms. 

This includes the following:-

  • Data analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Finding missing keywords on a website

It doesn’t replace the work of an SEO professional but rather helps them to focus on more important work. 

AI transforming algorithms

The advent of artificial intelligence has transformed how search engines work. 

Nowadays, AI-backed algorithms analyze the data to comprehend user behaviour and their preferences. This helps search engines to deliver more individualized results. 

So, you should make SEO strategies as per the AI-driven search algorithms. 

Final Words

In the age of changing algorithms, you need to stay ahead in your SEO game if you want to rank your website on the top pages of the SERP. 

So, understand the algorithms and make SEO strategies to stay ahead of your competition. 

About The Author:

Karan Sharma is the co-founder & CEO of Kinex Media Inc. He intends to bring a massive transformation in eCommerce web designing & development. His team of talented IT professionals knows the secret of getting huge conversions.

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