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Since its inception in 2008, the SCP Foundation has been a Wikidot-hosted collaborative writing wiki project. The SCP Foundation is a cooperative composing wiki project facilitated on Wikidot, running since its foundation in around 2008.

 The site includes a common fictitious setting of repulsiveness/science fiction/dream stories called the SCP Universe; which generally rotates around the nominal SCP Foundation, a highly confidential association that is liable for catching and containing different paranormal/powerful peculiarities unexplained by standard science (known as “abnormalities” or “SCPs”), while additionally keeping their reality stowed away from the remainder of worldwide human culture.

SCP Wiki has the largest number of SCP Files. These are confidential reports that document and describe an SCP object, as well as the methods of keeping it contained. 

There are also thousands of “Foundation Tales” which are short stories that feature characters from the SCP Universe. Literary works on the Wiki have received praise for their ability to communicate horror in a scientific and academic style. They also receive high-quality standards.

Many fan-made adaptations of the SCP Wiki, Universe, and Universe were inspired by these characters. These include short films, physically published books, videos on YouTube, and indie games.


The Foundation protects anomalies in order to prevent them from falling into the hands of civilian or rival agencies. This is done through extensive surveillance and observation, and by taking action to intercept anomalies as soon as possible.

Site history and community

The SCP Foundation was born in the “paranormal/x/ forum on 4chan. In 2007, an anonymous user posted the first SCP file, SCP-173, SCP 053. Although initially a standalone story, many other SCP files were soon created. These new SCPs were based on SCP-173’s style and set in the same fictional universe. 

To display the SCP articles, a separate wiki was built on the EditThis Wiki hosting site in January 2008. Edith did not have moderators or the ability to delete articles.

The EditThis website did not have a central discussion forum. Members communicated via individual article talk pages or the /x/ board. After EditThis switched from a free model to one, the SCP Wiki moved to its current Wikidot site in July 2008.

Wikidot’s current website includes many standard Wikidot features, such as article lists and keyword searches. There is also a news hub and guides for writers.

The Wikidot website has a central discussion forum. Each team is responsible for its own function, such as community outreach or discipline. Staff teams moderate the wiki. Before they can post content on Wikidot, users must submit an application. 

Each article is assigned a discussion section, where users can discuss and offer constructive criticism. Authors often use the discussion pages to improve their stories. Members can also “upvote”, and “downvote,” articles they like. Articles that receive too many net upvotes will be deleted.

There are 15 foreign-language branches, some articles of which have been translated into English, in addition to the English Wikipedia. The Wanderer’s Library, a sister site and spinoff of the SCP Wiki, is also available. It is based on the same SCP Universe setting, but it contains fantastical stories and not scientific reports.


The Foundation contains anomalies with the goal of preventing their influence or effects from spreading, by either relocating, concealing or dismantling such anomalies or by suppressing or preventing public dissemination of knowledge thereof.


The Foundation provides protection for humanity against the effects of these anomalies, as well as the anomalies themselves until they are fully understood or new theories can be developed based on their behavior and properties. If they are too dangerous to contain, the Foundation can neutralize or destroy them.

Also, see

SCP Wiki content

  • SCP Universe – An overview of the fictional setting upon which all SCP Wiki work is based.
  • SCPs , SCP 001– The core content of SCP Wiki that covers all anomalies reported by SCP Foundation.
  • Formats for GOI – Similar to SCPs but from the perspective of the different Groups of Interest.
  • Tales – Stories on the SCP Wiki which provide a short story that expands upon the universe.

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