IVF treatment at Mishka IVF center in Jaipur with high success rate

IVF treatment

Recently, infertility problems are consistent among millennial couples. This forbids infertile couples from becoming parents. Hence, for having the solution to all infertility problems medical science has come up with different Infertility treatments like IVF treatment, IUI, donor egg IVF, FET, ICSI, etc. Among all the infertility treatments, In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the most recommended and successful. And Mishka IVF centre in Jaipur is the most recommended IVF treatment in Jaipur.

Also, IVF treatment is a ray of hope for many infertile couples to bring healthy babies home. The success rate of IVF treatment is increasing day by day in India. And this is only feasible with the supporting advanced IVF treatments.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), when a couple is unsuccessful in conception even after one year of unprotected coition, it is determined as infertility. But, nearly 70% of couples who seek help can ultimately have a baby, either autonomously or with medical interference.

IVF Treatment or Test tube Baby

In general, IVF treatment is also known as “test-tube baby” or “surrogacy baby”.

Further, in pink city, there is multiple IVF hospital which provides infertility treatments. And, for IVF treatment, specialists demand a colossal price which is not affordable for every couple.

Therefore, the Mishka IVF clinic is one where you find the best price for IVF treatment in India with a high success rate.

Read the article to know about IVF treatment, process, success rate and why to choose Mishka IVF clinic only.

Meaning of IVF Treatment

Basically, IVF is called in vitro fertilization. Here, in vitro means outside the body, and fertilization means creating the physical union of male sperm and female eggs into a single cell, called a zygote.

IVF treatment is a process in which women can get pregnant, or couples may conceive a baby. Also, IVF treatment brings hope for infertile couples.

Process of IVF Treatment and What can Make it Successful?

  1. Ovary Stimulation- Firstly, doctors prescribe a few medicines to help produce plenty of eggs. For this method, specialists do blood tests and ultrasound. Also, the hormone injection is provided 2 days before the egg collection. Thus injection helps in producing eggs successfully.
  2. Compilation of Eggs– the second step of the IVF treatment process is the collection of eggs. After providing anaesthesia, and surgeons collect the eggs.
  3. Production of Sperms– In this process, the sperm of the partner is taken out.
  4. Fertilization– The doctor mixes up the male sperm and female eggs in a laboratory dish for fertilization.
  5. Transferring embryos– Now, the surgeons place the embryo back in the uterus after 2-3 days of the above process.
  6. Freeze extra embryos– During the entire process, the left-out embryos should be frozen for further use.
  7. Pregnancy Test– At last, a pregnancy test is done after two weeks, through this doctor will check whether the woman is pregnant. And if not, then doctors will repeat the same process.

Making IVF Process Successful

Following are the parameter which makes the IVF procedure successful in Jaipur city:

  • Healthy weight maintenance
  • Stress-free mind
  • Avoid drinking alcohol
  • Quit smoking
  • Take only that food which the doctor prescribes you.
  • Avoid taking unnecessary medications.

Success Rate of IVF Treatment

Nowadays, the IVF success rate depends not only upon the successful cases achieved. But it also relies on how the patient feels after the treatment. Patient comfort and well-being are the most valuable point for obtaining the highest success rates.

Moreover, the IVF method success rate depends upon several other factors as given below:

  • Endometrial development
  • Age of the partner
  • Quality of the sperm, egg, and embryo
  • Infertility time period
  • Infertility types (primary or secondary)
  • Cause of infertility steal phase post transfer

As per the research, women aged under 35 years have a 41% to 43% chance of getting successful pregnancy. But it dipped to 13% to 18% when the women are over 40. The cryopreservation of embryos, semen, and FET has also helped to increase the IVF success rate.  

Additionally, in the capital city of Rajasthan, Mishka IVF hospital has attained the highest number of positive results.

Why Choose Mishka IVF – The Best IVF Center in Jaipur

Why Mishka IVF only? We select Mishka IVF as the best IVF centre in Jaipur because of the services and facilities there and its high success rates of patient satisfaction. Mishka IVF delivers services such as a 24/7 help centre, male and female infertility treatment, secondary services,.

Moreover, Mishka IVF offers a friendly atmosphere for each patient. Also, the IVF clinic has the highest success rate as correlated with other IVF clinics. Mishka IVF in Jaipur has specialised combinations of IVf treatments for their patients. Further, only an experienced group of doctors and staff manage patients.

For having best and affordable IVF treatments, visit the Mishka IVF centre.

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