Roof Replacement 101: 4 Things to Do Beforehand

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The average residential roof lasts around 30 years, but at some point, all good things end. An average of 5 million roofs get replaced annually across the United States of America, and you could be among that 5 million if your home’s roof is starting to leak. It’s easy to write off a leaky or sagging roof as a problem for the future, but your family will be safer with a new roof.

As you commit to getting a roof replacement, there are steps you should take to prepare for this endeavor. The good news is that you’ve found the right guide to learning more about getting new residential roofing for your home.

Keep reading for four helpful roof installation tips today!

1. Get a Roof Inspection

It’s wise to get a roof inspection before getting a roof replacement to find out if you need a new roof rather than repairing or replacing your roof shingles. Roof repair is often much cheaper than investing in a new roof. The inspection will cost you money, but it’s a small price for peace of mind and a roof over your head.

2. Call Your Home Insurance Company

It’s also smart to call your home insurance company before you hire a contractor to take care of a roof replacement for your home. Some home insurance policies will help you cover roof installation costs, saving you a ton of money and getting the new roof your home needs.

Some insurance companies also need to document changes to your home, like a roof replacement. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so call your home insurance company before moving forward.

3. Find the Right Roofing Company

After confirming that you need residential roofing for your home, do your research to find the best roofing company near you. The best residential roofing company will replace your home’s roof shingles and ensure your home stays dry. They’ll also take care of a residential dumpster rental to keep your home’s yard from looking like a warzone.

Read online reviews to narrow down your options when you need a new roof. You should also confirm that the roofing company has insurance coverage to avoid liability if a worker gets hurt during the roof installation process.

4. Choose a Roofing Material

Roof shingles are a popular option, but there are other materials that could suit your home better depending on the climate you live in and the lifespan you crave. Metal roofs often cost more but provide greater durability against fire and Mother Nature. Roof shingles are affordable and look nice, but they’re susceptible to damage from severe weather.

Start Preparing for Your Roof Replacement Today

Getting ready for a roof replacement at your home is essential if you want to get a new roof with minimal hassle. Do research to find the best roofing companies near you and decide if you want roof shingles or a different roofing material. You should also get your roof inspected before moving forward with the roof installation.

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