Private Home Tuition: A Two-Way Road for Both Student and Tutor

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Beyond all parents’ scepticism, private home tutoring is time-proven to greatly benefit students who are struggling with specific academic subjects. Regardless of cost (in reality it’s not that costly and it’s worth every cent in Singapore), private home tuition in Singapore is never an extra burden for both students and parents.

But, while we can list down numerous benefits or advantages of private home tuition on the part of the student/child as we all know, tutors also greatly benefit from private tutoring sessions.

First, let us examine the top three benefits of private home tutoring for students.

Improvement of grades

As the grades of the student improve due to private home tuition, the student’s confidence goes up as well. This leads to more achievements and better performance. This has long-term effects as the student is growing up, especially when in junior college and university. Of course, on the part of the parents, better performance and higher grades mean happier and prouder parents, an added plus on the students’ part as well.

Personalised one-to-one attention, care, and focus

In a class of 30 or more, as the child starts falling behind in lessons and grades, he/she starts to doubt his/her abilities. As doubt creeps in, it grows and stunts any learning process. It doesn’t help that teachers cannot focus on each student’s individual needs. Home tutors are trained and experienced to spot the student’s weak learning spots and focus on these. Tutors then adapt and customise their teaching process to work with the student’s own learning pace. And because of this attention, students begin to open up and ask crucial questions or clarifications about topics and lessons.

Confidence in independent learning

As the child receives individualised learning, he/she also develops more independent learning. As the child’s performance and grades improve, he/she will no longer feel overwhelmed and frustrated at school. The child’s control of his/her self-paced and self-directed learning will go into full effect later in tertiary studies.

Tutors Gain Better Learning Skills from Tutoring

Private home tutors also benefit from their tutoring sessions. Since many started tutoring when still studying at the tertiary level on a part-time basis, they have gained much academic experience and some have even turned to a career in teaching. These buckets of experience now translate into a better tutoring experience for students.

1. Tutors see students as individuals

Unlike in a busy classroom environment where teachers see students as a homogenous massed group, one-to-one tutoring builds a relationship between the tutor and student. As the tutor and student view each other as individuals, interests, better learning experiences, and life experiences are shared more openly. More importantly, the student doesn’t look at the tutor like a far-off teacher standing on a mountain.

2. Learning to integrate IT into lessons

With the technological implosion imposed by the recent pandemic, teachers have gradually included ICT topics in their lessons. This is because experienced tutors understand that computers, the internet, and technology are the domains of the younger generation, and these can be used to reach out to the student. Learning videos, images, and audio podcasts are integrated so learning doesn’t have to be a boring process.

3. Becoming an excellent role-model

The tutored will always look up to the tutor. Since most private home tutors are college or university graduates, they are at the peak of their subject knowledge. Many tutored individuals may well want to emulate the success of their tutor. Some tutors may even share their experience of having been tutored before, and now are successful at studying, graduating from a course, and now tutor.

4. Ability to engage with students

Private home tutoring isn’t easy, not by a long shot. It can even be tricky. This is why experience teaches tutors to use all means of colours, pictures, images, videos, music, and even different tones of voice and gestures to make lessons and information more impactful. In the long run, the tutoring experiences become memorable to the student, enhancing better learning.

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