NFT-marketing: what it is, how it works, and why it is ineffective without promoting the tokens themselves


NFT is a relatively young technology which has great prospects for brand development. Large companies are already experimenting with unique tokens as part of their marketing projects, getting media coverage and attracting public attention.

Not so long ago, a new digital tool appeared in the world, with the help of which companies can promote themselves and attract even more potential customers. We are talking about NFT (non-fungible token), or non-interchangeable token – a virtual certificate that is stored in a blockchain and guarantees the uniqueness of a digital object. Applying to NinjaPromo nft promotion agency you will not need to understand this area alone, you will get useful advices and suggest a promotion strategy for your product, everything is individual.

By purchasing a unique token, a person becomes the official owner of the NFT product itself. In fact, this product can be anything: a photo, a video, a three-dimensional object, a music album, a real picture or even a tweet.

Some well-known brands have already started to produce their own NFT products. Here are some shining examples that I also like the idea – the way the creators have adapted their own product and brand identity to the world of NFT.

Affordable and Hype: How and Why Brands Create NFTs

NFT is a hype product. Companies release their own tokens to create another infotainment, to attract media attention, to stand out and thus to set themselves apart from their competitors.

Releasing NFT is not difficult: it does not require deep cryptographic knowledge and programming skills. The easiest way is to upload a digital object to one of the major NFT marketplaces, after which the platform itself will create a unique token and link a media file to it.

However, for a token to become a successful marketing tool, it is not enough just to create it and place it on the marketplace. It is important to tell the story of the project itself, note its uniqueness, and present a roadmap. This information can already be distributed through the brand’s main social networks, the pages of other companies, bloggers, or celebrities – in other words, to attract an already warm audience to the infopod.

If a company is just entering the market and hardly anyone knows about it, it is unlikely to promote itself with NFT. As long as the brand does not have a ready-made audience gathered in various channels, NFT-marketing will not work and bring the company a lot of coverage.

In order to attract the maximum number of customers to the tokens, you need to offer the market an interesting and creative product: not just discounts and bonuses, but something that will be considered unique in its field.

Bloggers, email marketing and community: how to promote NFT tokens

In order to make sure that your NFT will not go unnoticed and become known to as many potential customers as possible, you need to promote it. In fact, this rule works for any product or service offered by a brand.

Email marketing

With email marketing, you can offer your work directly to potential buyers. In addition, regular newsletters once or twice a month will help build long-term relationships with users.

NFT Communities

One more effective tool of promotion is posting posts in NFT-communities. Here the project can get a lot of information support, but it is important to create a buzz around your NFT and stand out with a unique idea. The community on, narrow media, and thematic channels in Telegram are suitable platforms for this purpose.

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