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Must Have Tech: Gadgets That are Making Life Easier

Gadgets That are Making Life Easier

Technology has often been regarded as digital shackles that keep people tied to innovative manifestations of the high-end and novel. An opposing perspective however explicates how technology has made human life more convenient and less stressful. 

Today quite a few devices are serving to counter complexities that are part and parcel of human life. With the use of technology, a number of difficulties commonly experienced by people in their everyday life have been resolved to a great extent. The modern human has become far more resourceful and readily undertakes tasks that were once impossible to perform despite the plenty of available time. While on one hand today’s technology tends to consume much of our time by chaining us to its irresistible produce, the need for technological inventions remains unquestionable.

Technological inventions have seen a drastic transformation in recent years. Futuristic inventions debated for long are now anticipated to debut in the year we have just welcomed i.e. 2020. Mankind’s continued march towards technological advancement shows how inventions stemming from this endeavour have become a vital aspect of any discussion on the future of the human society.

An arguably impulsive decision to make over ‘usual lives’ and turn them into ‘smart lives’ has emerged as a choice which highlights generation-segmentation based on futuristic and innovative technological trends. Smart TV, home automation and home security devices by cox home life  which even allow remote control of the system, and smartwatches are just a few to name as products that depict how the future has come to our homes.

Now that we have fully debated and hopefully agreed upon the indisputable importance of technology in our lives, let’s begin with the topic on hand today, shall we?

Here’s a list of top gadgets everyone needs to start their 2020 with:

  1. FIXD – The Micro Car Mechanic:

Aren’t we all just tired of paying handsome amounts of money to a mechanic for the scantiest car issues, which even we could fix ourselves only if we had someone to guide us about the bug?

Well, FIXD – the little car mechanic does just that for you. It is a gadget that helps the user understand issues their car may be facing. This little guy – essentially a diagnostic sensor – when placed into a car’s diagnostics port tells exactly what’s going on in the vehicle. No wonder it earned over 50 million dollars in sales in 2018 and more so in 2019.

2.     Mosquitron – The Trap We All Needed

Mosquitoes and their bites have spared no one – whether its people living in the developed world or the Third World – every human body in the world has been bitten by these little creatures.

Thanks to the minds behind the creation of Mosquitron, we now have a non-toxic solution to all mosquito-related problems. This little yet powerful anti-pest electronic gadget keeps you and your loved ones protected from the pointy bites of the little flying devils.

Before we enlighten readers on how it works, I would like anyone who feels an emotional attachment with mosquitoes to scroll down a bit faster, because what’s coming next won’t sound sweet like honey to their ears.

Mosquitronuses UV light o attract and capture the mosquitoes at large both indoors and the outdoors. These vicious little creatures are sucked into the unit, become shrivelled, and get killed.

Yes, my hatred towards mosquitoes is at a personal level!

3.     Muama – The Device That Lets You Bond with the World

Some people try hard to create a bond with foreigners by learning a few words of their language while some others end up making a fool of themselves while trying to bond through a language they have no clue of.

‘Some people’ are me, I’m ‘some people’!

With Muama making its mark in our lives as a language assistant, becoming fluent in foreign languages isn’t the hardest thing to do anymore.

Muama is a pocket-sized device that lets you speak in your native language and translates it into the chosen output language. And all of this happens within seconds.

  1. X-Watch – Your Personal Health Gadget:

Hot on the heels of other smartwatches, the latest smartwatch shows how there isn’t any need of spending tons of money on hiring personal health diagnostic services in the modern world.

X-watch is a 24/7 personal health gadget that helps people become independent of money-sucking pseudo healthcare providers. The watch boasts many futuristic features which keep the user updated regarding health indicators. From performing a heart examination to maintaining calendars and vital intakes, this smartwatch is the smartest health diagnostic service one could ever utilize.

Certainly, the aforementioned inventions do not fully depict the importance and the necessity of futuristic technology in our lives. The account does however, tend to propel us towards considering these inventions as a gateway to greater convenience at home and while on-the-go. The intrigue and unparalleled visions manifested by these technological inventions will not see an end in the coming years. Therefore, it’s essential to accept technology as part of everyday life and experiment with these inventions to see if they prove to be more than just digital shackles.

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