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Methods To Utilize Instagram Stories To Promote Your Business


Talk about instant success. Instagram Stories floated to 100 million daily users in just two months of its debut. How can you make use of Stories to advertise your company?

For businesses that are socially engaged, Instagram Stories provides a box-fresh way to promote your company’s image, products, or services. If you do it correctly, you’ll be able to attract your fans with an additional dose of awe for your brand, thereby building trust and ultimately increasing sales in the future.

How do you accomplish this?

What exactly are Instagram Stories?

Quick overview. Instagram Stories sees the Facebook-backed photo giant competing with Snapchat. It allows users to combine images and videos into short slideshows that can be layered with images, text, and Emojis.

The message will auto-delete – Instagram disappears.

Once you’ve uploaded your “Story,” the content will disappear within 24 hours.  You can watch stories anonymously also on SmiHub com. While the images and videos you upload on your profile can be viewed by anyone who wishes to find they are only available for a short period of time. When they’re gone, deleted. It gives you the opportunity to be more fun and casual with your marketing materials – if you want to be.

Here are eight ways to consider making use of Instagram Stories to promote your company.

  1. Let your followers follow you backstage.

It’s possible to be surprised by the amount of interest people have in looking into the shadows. In a time when consumers are skeptical about conventional marketing, there’s a certain honesty in peeling your layers and showing your customers behind the scene. This could be a view of your workplace gym as well as a peek at the workings and nuts that make up your manufacturing line or the time-lapse of your stand being put in an industrial gathering. Your followers will believe that they are insiders.

2. Guides and demonstrations of products

A bit of wit can make a difference in terms of memorable marketing. The short-lived nature of Instagram Stories provides you with an opportunity to present your products from a unique perspective.

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3. Teasers for new products

Do you intend to launch a brand new product? Tell a story about it and let your largest followers help spread the word on your behalf of you. Make the noise. Give the hype machine a feed. Give away a couple of details about an amazing new feature.

4. Promote your next big event

Are you hosting webinars? Organizing an event? Invite your customers to join you for an evening of networking? It is vital for them to be knowledgeable about it. Instagram Stories is an opportunity to get the message out in a loud and clear way. No-fuss, no-frills. Be careful not to be too pushy. You need people to take an interest in your coming Stories, but they won’t when they’re expecting to hear a sales pitch.

5. Live blog your event

So you’ve decided to organize an educational seminar on the background of the hemline. Make it more memorable by bringing an atmosphere and interest to those who weren’t there by going behind the scenes. There’s a possibility that it’s too late to improve the number of people who attend. There’s nothing wrong with providing people with a bit of FOMO to get them signed up when you’re promoting an event.

6. lash sales and special offers

Are you looking for a unique method to reward your followers? You can offer flash sales exclusively on your platform’s products. Offering up-to-date deals via your Stories will encourage your followers to pay close focus to the content you share. But don’t go overboard.

7. Q&A sessions

Easy edit of a 10-minute Question and answer with your CEO will add a personal touch to your company. You can add images of your products or services to ensure your brand’s message is resonant.

8. Trendwatch

The news extends like wildfire all over social media. Massive swathes of commentary from social media erupt about the latest news stories within a matter of minutes. Participate in the discussion. Take a look at one of the most significant storylines of today, and determine a way to tie this to the product you sell. Respond to changes in the industry. If done correctly, this kind of guerrilla marketing could transform your customer engagement.

It’s your turn!

Instagram Stories offers you an innovative way to connect with your followers, increase loyalty, and break down the old limits between business and consumer. The most important thing, as always, is to ensure that your content remains focussed on the audience. Stay engaging. Provide value. Try to avoid publishing too often.

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