Knowing A Few Golden Rules in Designing Your Business Cards

Even though we live in a mostly online society, most businesses still heavily rely on making first impressions and face-to-face interaction with their clients.Unfortunately, most salespeople and small business owners fail to take advantage of the full potential that business cards provide in creating that first impression.

Small rectangular paper cards have been used as a means of introduction for hundreds of years, but as we all know, most of the time, these cards wind up in the trash or in the back of a desk drawer, never to be seen again. Not the ideal way to be remembered at all!

On the other hand, if you go for the customized poker chips being offered by Poker Chip Universe, there are following few points you can realize:

  • They leave a lasting first impression
  • It helps you stand out in the crowd
  • They help build your brand
  • Provide you with multiple uses

A well-made business card serves more purposes than just containing your contact details. It can distinguish your small business from your competitors, provide you a professional appearance, and foster consumer trust.

How can you make poker chips more distinctive so that it attracts more customers? Let us share a few golden rules here:

  1. Find a template that reflects your brand’s personality

Choose a design for your business that effectively conveys your brand’s individuality to the individuals you interact with because it says a lot about you and your small business.

  1. Find the right typeface

Use a special font for your business especially if you have been using it on your website or in other marketing materials.

  1. Decide on a proper size and shape

Don’t compromise on the size and orientation of your business cards. It will determine the amount of information you can provide and the size of the text.

  1. Organize your information

Your business card should include all the information clients need to get in touch with you, discover you online, or visit your storefront.

  1. Do double duty

Double the amount of effort your business card puts in for you and your startup. On the reverse side of the card, you can use it for loyalty stamps, appointment reminders, or as a blank canvas to display information about your company.

  1. Maximize your logo

Your completed logo and your brand colors are two essential design elements you need to take into account when you start thinking about making new business cards.

  1. Leave some white space

Don’t use every available space on your card. Keep it simple. If it has too much text or graphics, they will all compete for the reader’s attention and nothing will stick out.

  1. Add something special

Include a distinctive design feature or unique print treatment as a simple approach to make your card stand out.

  1. Include a call to action

Although a call to action is not required, it helps motivate potential customers to move further. Create a promotion around your company, whether it is a special offer, a helpful hint, or a discount code, to energize customers.

  1. Proofread

Before placing your order, have a friend or coworker examine your business cards more than once for typographical errors.

These days you can also get magnetized poker chips that can be perfect for advertising and may last forever on your fridge or file cabinet!

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