Ways to Keep your House Cool in Summer


We all know in asian countries, changing weather is  so unpredictable. Summers are extreme hot and winters and extreme cold. In this situation we all should make our home comfortable for us. There are many people in the family who are sensitive and cannot bear the heat and cold of extreme weather. 

There are some simplest ways by which we can make our home cool in summers. Such as: 

Ventilation process

every house must have four to five windows or any ventilation area where the air can pass by easily. The simplest way to make your house more ventilation is, set a window in every room so that the room will not be suffocated. These are the pro tips which you cannot take from any ordinary person. If your feel that your roof is not observing the heat and you are feeling hot in summer, you can go for roof replacement and make your house more cool than before.

Turn off the unnecessary lights

always check the switch board, all the lights must be off. Sometimes, due to the connectivity of electricity we forget to turn off the lights. And when the electricity connects after some time, all the unnecessary lights will automatically turn on. 

Check the lights whenever you leave the place or room. If the environment is much hotter and in summer, it will warm up your house in no time. 

Investment of House Plant

Trees are the way to reduce the heat. In summer try to make more plants and make your environment cool. Whenever there is a house, the house will look more decorative and attractive. 

Plants help us relax and focus, leading to increased output, creativity, idea generation, and problem solving capabilities. In fact, the presence of plants helps so much that it has been shown to relieve the symptoms experienced by children with ADD. 

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There are so many benefits of planting trees and plants, especially when you are surrounded by old parents or new born children. Plants help patients recovering from surgery and ease the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. I guess we’re finally learning what our ancestors have known for centuries, plants are more than just ornaments. At some level, we are deeply connected to them. 

Place Minimal Stuff in the House 

Never overload your house in summer, use minimal stuff. Houses become more warm up when you place a lot of stuff in it. Use important stuff such as hospitality table, chairs and decoration pieces. These things are eye catchy and pretty to see.

Usage of Fan is Important

Fan is the most important thing in summer because it makes the environment cooler than ever before. There must be 1 or two fans in every room or living area. It helps your home to be ventilated and calm. In the summer, some poor people cannot afford air conditioners. They are totally relying on fans and ventilated areas. Make your home clean and cool by the good use of fan.

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