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French interior design is a common style that is a combination of rustic and refined décor with inspiration from the French countryside. This style is comfortable and casual. There are many common characteristics to impress you very much. Some features are- softly, patterned fabrics in muted colors, distressed, painted, vintage furnishings and accessories, and a variety of wood and natural items as well. On the other hand, this style is recognized as a provincial style, partly formal and chic. Its dominant characteristics can catch your eyes. You will be impressed by the rich colors, bold patterns, and gold accents. It is playful with touches of botanical themes in art, fabric, wallpaper, and accessories. To know more information about French country interior design, you should read this article carefully. 

What Is French Country Interior Design? 

The French country design means the ornate, elegant, and over-the-top Provencal homes incorporate traditional designs from the actual French countryside. It is a relaxed, distressed, and subdued style in this present time. If you use the provincial furniture, it is a touch more formal with added embellishments than the French country interior design. There are many elements of French Country Interior design. You have to know about the color range of this design. Soft yellows, pinks, baby blues, and cream are included in the color range. There are linen fabrics that are used for upholstery, drapery, table cloth, and wallpapers. 

Features of French Country Interior Design

The style of the French Country Interior is warm and cozy. There are palette foundations in this design that are neutral. The color of this design is used to accent and add character. The colors are yellow, red, and green, blue with an underlying thread of primary warm shades. This well-known style helps in creating a welcoming and inviting aesthetic atmosphere. If you use dark colors such as black, and grey, they do not have stand-in-home features. On the other hand, the French Country Interior Design is natural and natural. It is a traditional rustic design that is embellished with natural designs. This design is marked with exposed wood beams ceilings, natural stones or wood planked stores, and a stone fireplace. Warm, cozy, natural, and neutral are the best features of the French country interior design style. 

How To Create The French Country Interior Design

There are many ways to add French Country Interior Design to your home, such as_

  • With vintage antiques, you can get the best design in the French countryside. The French country’s furniture, decor, and accessories will help you very much. You can décor your home with wall clocks, chandeliers, blue and white porcelain plates, and mirrors merge with woven baskets and colorful ceramics as we. 
  • Art incorporation is another way for you that is added to complement the look. It is an integral part of the decorating scheme. If you can match the walls with drapes, a continuous flow of print marks the wallpaper and the window drapes. 
  • Let the schemes evolve and add inspirations from the past. Supper long full drape is the epitome of a French country style for curtain ideas. You can choose ornamental cabinetwork and add trim as well. If you can produce a country atmosphere with showpieces, a French country can be attained by natural showpieces that wrap around the four walls.  


If you want to decorate your home with a beautiful French country design, you have to consider incorporating your favorite style into a modern home or vice versa. This design can add extra beauty to your home so that you can work with your interior designer. 

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