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Is there such a thing as next day movers?

next day movers

There are professional services called next day movers. These moving companies offer emergency moving services across states. Sometimes, your moving firm might disappoint you, and you need to move out as soon as possible. 

Next day movers are always available and can help pack your belongings easily. Hiring professional next-day movers who can come to your rescue within 24 hours might seem difficult, however, it’s not. 

There are reliable, fully insured, and credible next day movers willing to answer your calls. Here is some relevant information about next day movers around you.

How to pack for a next day move

If you need to move in the next 24 hours and your belongings aren’t packed, here are quick ways to go about this :

Pack important items first

It can be a bit chaotic when dealing with the next day’s move due to enough time to pack. Before the professional movers in Wilmington arrive , your task is to get your essential items like school documents, valuables, medications, and electronics packed. These must-haves are things you shouldn’t forget.

Decide on items you will leave behind

Before Wilmington movers arrive, know the items to take along and those you won’t. This is because when these movers arrive, they will want to know what you are moving. Make quick decisions about what to leave behind. You could decide to sell off your items, gift a friend or just dispose of them.

Avoid sorting

During emergency moves, sorting your belongings can take a chunk of your item. Since you will be moving in 24 hours, pack your items fast even when hot arranged.

Be smart

A next day move isn’t an appropriate time to fold clothes and shoes neatly. Just pick them from the cupboard and put them straight inside the bag. For breakables and jewelry, you can wrap them around a thick towel to avoid damage.

All books, toiletries, and necessary items should fill empty gaps in your traveling bag. When you reach your destination, you will unload them properly.

Tips for hiring next day movers

When you have been disappointed by your mover and need to move the next day, getting  the right movers in Wilmington is the best decision. Here are some tips for hiring a reliable one :

Talk to friends

The first step to hiring a reliable next day mover is contacting people close to you who have used such a service before. A recommendation from a friend or colleague will go a long way. These people can connect you with a trusted mover they have used before.


Not all professional same day movers have the required experience when offering moving services. Your best bet is choosing a mover that can handle emergencies and has been doing that for years. Talk to them and ask them how many years they have offered next day moving services.

Look at their insurance policy

A reliable next day mover will always have insurance coverage for damage that might happen during the journey. While there are many insurance policies for travelers, the important ones to look for should include: full value protection and released value protection.


Avoid hiring inferior same day movers who aren’t licensed by the relevant authorities. When you hire a licensed mover, your belongings will be in safe hands and you will have peace of mind. All reputable moving firms must have their permits from the US department of transportation (DOT) and be duly registered with the Federal Motor carrier safety administration (FMCSA).

Benefits of using a reliable next day mover

Using Next day movers is ideal because they provide many benefits to their customers. The advantages of next day movers are :

Save time and effort

Disappointment isn’t a good thing and can affect one mentally and financially. When you use same day movers, you can reach your new destination despite the setback and they will help you pack your items. You don’t need to start looking for boxes or think about carrying them into the trucks. They will ease the moving process using their moving equipment.

Peace of mind

With professional same day movers, you don’t need to think about anything. They will help lift your belongings securely and prevent any damage. Should anything happen during the package or moving, they have insurance converge that covers any eventualities.

Save money

When leaving for another destination, it can take a chunk out of your finances. However, with a credible mover, they will have to save some cost, because you only pay for what is needed. These movers in Wilmington also offer discounts if you have multiple relocations in mind.


So, are there same day movers? Yes. These are reputable moving firms that offer emergency moving services to their customers within 24 hours. However, before hiring same-day movers, ensure you look out for certain things highlighted in the sections above.

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