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Moroccan security

If you’ve been having nightmares about staying safe yet are getting desert dreams of Morocco, relax. Your aspirations of visiting Morocco will become a reality with the aid of these simple safety tips and useful tools.


Keep up with current events

You can plan your budget for the trip and prevent being taken advantage of while shopping in Morocco by being aware of the typical pricing for common things. The Dirham, the currency of Morocco, is now equivalent to about 0.11 USD. Find out more about what you might anticipate to pay for necessities here.

Employ a Driver

It might be frustrating to hail a cab and haggle over costs in Moroccan dirhams. You may avoid being taken advantage of or spending more money than you need to by hiring a driver before you arrive who can pick you up from the airport and take you everywhere you want to go for a pre-determined amount. You can plan everything online before you visit, according to Jennie Andrews, a producer for and seasoned traveler to Morocco. In order to do so, you can contact Morocco Tourism Trips and book a 3 days tour from Marrakech Avoid leaving alone in the evening

Leaving the City

You can book a 3 days tour from Marrakech to Fes to visit Merzouga, Morocco’s Sahara Desert


There are many breathtaking locations to see outside of the major towns if the urban bustle of Marrakech or Casablanca becomes too overwhelming. There is no end to the experiences you can have off the usual route, from riding a camel across the Sahara to relaxing on the beaches of Essaouira, visiting little communities, or hiking the Atlas Mountains. 

Take a Friend to Marrakech

Always travel with a pal to ensure your safety. Keep the group together as much as you can. If you intend to stay for longer than a week, you might think about buying a cheap prepaid cell phone once you get there so you always have a way to stay connected to the other members of your group, or to someone at home who could help in case of an emergency. Packing a phone and activating an international plan could end up costing an arm and a leg.

Dress Conservatively

“Generally speaking, we would encourage American ladies to dress conservatively if they want to respect local norms and avoid drawing unwelcome attention. This means that you should keep your legs and shoulders covered and bring a blanket or scarf just in case.


Having said that, some people might be surprised to learn that Morocco can really be quite tolerant when it comes to clothing; western attire is prevalent and Moroccan ladies wearing miniskirts, etc., is absolutely normal. The safest and most courteous choice is described above, however some cities and even parts of cities can be more conservative than others. When entering mosques or shrines, visitors should cover their arms, legs, and hair. Men should also have their lower legs covered. Even Muslim women who wear pants have been asked to cover up before going to a shrine, so it’s best to dress casually. Don’t worry too much about Morocco because it receives a lot of western visitors; just use common sense! And finally, Moroccfinally, the is gorgeous! Many tourists (both sexes) like to wear indigenous attire in the heat since it keeps them cool and looks beautiful!

Avoid haggling

You may run into some really pushy salespeople and store owners as you explore the city’s medinas. They have a reputation for pursuing bystanders, and they could even make you feel special by offering to take you somewhere or trying to snare you in a back room. Never visit an unfamiliar location with someone you haven’t done your research on, especially if it’s far from popular regions. If you ever feel like you are in danger, don’t be afraid to call the police or, run to the nearest riad, even if it isn’t where you are staying. More advice from Maroc Mama on how to deal with pushy marketers can be found here.

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