Is Kratom Safe?

Kratom is one of the leading herbal supplements in the market. Its unique chemical composition makes it beneficial for human health. This natural herb is made up of unique nitrogenous compounds called alkaloids.

According to the study, almost 40 alkaloids are present in mitragynine; these can be categorized broadly into two main alkaloids, named mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Other alkaloids present in significant amounts are payantheine, ajmaline, speciociliatine, corynantheidine, speciogynine, amitriptyline, and mitraciliatine.

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These are nitrogenous compounds with high potency and strength. Because of these alkaloids, kratom has been widely used as herbal medicine.

Is Kratom Safe?

Although mitragyna has been frequently used in the Western world due to its positive impacts on individual health, but it is actually a fact that ketum s safety has not been studied well according to FDA-provided criteria.

In the United States, there are hundreds of smoke shops and herbal stores where various mitragyna products are sold regularly. Moreover, a large number of online vendors are also selling a wide assortment of kratom strains. But, indeed, kratom use is still not approved by FDA.

There are several reasons behind this disapproval. Some effects of kratom strikingly resemble an opioid; there have been found some batches of mitragyna products were contaminated with different impurities and microorganisms (bacteria like Salmonella typhi and E.coli), and some heavy metals. 

American Kratom Association is a legal, registered, and non-profit organization that has been working for the regularization of this herbal supplement for many years. It was established in Virginia in 2014.

AKA has been working on the following three main grounds, which have been set according to strict rules and regulations.

1: To Create Global Awareness about Kratom

American Kratom Association has been continuously trying hard to create the correct and precise awareness about kratom. There is a big pile of studies in which mitragyna has been discussed clearly based on different research.

For the safety of people, it is compulsory for every kratom vendor to get verified all its products from a third-party laboratory and obtain a certificate of verification from AKA. Pure leaf kratom is one of the leading brands, which clearly provides complete information about all products.

2: To Protect Natural Resources

Kratom is a precious and miraculous herb in Southeast Asian fertile regions. AKA supports its growth, harvesting, and protection from any damage. AKA also promotes different methods to harvest chemical-free mitragyna speciosa crops. 

Moreover, it supports the environment-friendly slogan of more plants, fresh oxygen, and less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Pure leaf kratom directly sources its raw mitragyna from the deep and dense forests of Southeast Asian countries.

3: To Work for Kratom Legality

American Kratom Association has become the loud voice of millions of kratom consumers. It has been working for the legality of kratom from the beginning. For this purpose, an act has been passed through which kratom has undergone strict research procedures to stand the test of time; it is definitely for people’s safety and health. Pure leaf kratom is working with AKA to legalize kratom in the US.

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