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Instagram Feed Not Updating? Here’s How To Fix It


“Couldn’t Refresh Feed”! Being one Instagram user, we have encountered this message most times. What’s the reason?( comprar seguidores Instagram ) It could be due to myriad causes, each of which has an easy solution. In this post, we will go over the causes that lead to Instagram’s feeds not update and attempt to provide all options to eliminate this problem. If you’re experiencing this issue and looking for a solution to resolve this issue, be sure to check back.

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In reality, four primary reasons could be why an Instagram feed isn’t updating. Instagram feed not being updated:

  • Poor internet connection
  • Utilizing an old version of Instagram
  • Full mobile cache
  • Reasons for technical issues and Instagram updates

Whatever the cause is, you can fix it with one of these solutions. Before you look at the best way to solve this particular solution, let’s discover solutions for each Instagram error!

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Fix Instagram Feed Not Updating: 6 Solutions

After identifying the causes of an “Instagram feed not updating” error, let’s go through the options. In the next section, six options solve one or more of the abovementioned issues. Therefore, before attempting to resolve your issue, go through the above areas to find out what exactly is going on with your Instagram before diving into the solutions we’ve suggested for each case.

#1 Check The Network Connectivity

If the cause of the Instagram issue is a slow internet connection, test one of these options:

1- Switch To Another Connection

In the beginning, if you’re connected to Wi-Fi, then try switching to mobile data or the reverse. Next, restart Instagram and attempt to refresh the feed.

2- Connect A VPN

You should connect to a VPN if you live in a nation with internet censorship. If you’re VPN is on, and your Instagram feed isn’t updating the meal, try connecting to a different country. Most times, this will fix the issue.( comprar seguidores instagram portugal)

#2 Update Or Re-Install Instagram

You must upgrade the application if you’re an old version Instagram user. If you own an Android device, navigate to Google Play Store and update the app. If you use Instagram with the iPhone or iPad, visit the App Store and download the latest version of Instagram.

If you’re using the latest Instagram version, uninstall the app. Then restart the application and sign in with an account username and password. This may solve the issue in a few cases.

#3 Restart Your Phone

Like we said, at times, you’ll see your Instagram feeds not updating as there’s no space on your phone, or you have technical issues that make your device function properly. Restarting your mobile device refreshes the device and frees up space. Also, before you clean the Instagram cache, or delete certain apps, attempt to restart your phone.

#4 Clear Instagram Cache

Suppose you’ve restarted your device but cannot continue Instagram’s Instagram feed; attempt to clean off the Instagram cache. Here’s how to do it for an Android device as well as iOS devices:

  • Remove Instagram cache from iPhone
  • Visit the settings on your iPhone settings,
  • Tap General, then iPhone Storage.
  • Touch the Instagram logo
  • Click”offload app,” or click the “offload app” button.
  • Clear the Instagram cache on Android devices.
  • Go to settings, then open tabs for apps.
  • Choose Instagram,
  • and Press to activate the “clear cache” button.

#5 Try Instagram Desktop Or Website

If you’ve tried every one of the solutions listed above and could not resolve this issue or can’t clear the available space in your gadget, try using a different device to access Instagram’s Instagram feed. The best solution is to utilize the Instagram desktop or website version. If you wish to use a comprehensive set that includes tools, you could also use Instagram online viewers.

The benefit of this solution is that if you cannot refresh your feed for these versions, you’ll be able to be sure that the issue is beyond your control, and you will have to dive into solution number 6.

#6 Contact Instagram Help Center

In the end, if you’ve tried every one of the suggestions above and cannot resolve the issue, get in touch with the Instagram assistance center. The help center is where you will find all the problems reported and the solutions to these issues. Additionally, you can submit the case through the official Instagram application.

To achieve this, it is accessible by following these instructions:

  • Visit your profile, then click the icon with three lines in the right side on the right side of your screen.
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Then, tap “Help” and tap on “Report a Problem.”

Then, you will observe a screen similar to the image above. It would help if you were sure to write your message precisely and then back your post with pictures of the notices or errors you receive. Then Instagram’s Instagram assistance center will reach out to you and help you resolve the issue.

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