Improve The Image Of Your Bar With Neon Signs

So I never imagined myself writing an entire article dedicated to “neon home bar signs”, I mean, it’s a bit niche. But hey, here we are!

Modern led neon signs

Modern LED neon signs are all the rage in bars and nightclubs. These neon wall decoration signs add light and color to bars. After the invention of neon signs, bars used them mainly. Nowadays, many bars are using beautiful and stylish neon signs on the wall.

Many bars install only opening neon signs to indicate to their patrons that they are not closed. There are also pre-designed neon signs with words showing some meaningful messages.

You can also find LED neon signs in the shape of a beer or cocktail.

LED neon signs

LED neon bar signs are better than glass neon tube signs. These trendy neon signs are popular for their unique look and bright colors.

In addition, you can control your lighting through a remote control and a dimmer switch. Therefore, LED neon signs are the best to use for your bars. Freestanding neon lamps are also available for bars.

I recently moved house. In my new house there is a spare room. As someone who spends a lot of time in bars, both for work and pleasure, there was only one logical thing to do. Make a bar at home, of course.

It is a very exciting moment. In one room I will have my beverage lab, a full photography and video graphy studio, work office and bar, all squeezed into what must be a 10 square meter room.

In doing this bar conversion I have found a love of all things decorative (you should have seen my excitement when I came across a trendy monkey lamp) most of which are hard to scale down. Especially when you’re on a tight budget. Last week I spent 4 hours looking for the perfect chair.

The humble neon sign is something that has crossed my mind many times. Whatever theme you decide to pursue with your home bar, whatever size and space you have to work with.

A neon sign does nothing more than complete the “bar” looks.

From the small signs that fit comfortably on a shelf, in a bar cart, or fit neatly on a wall, to the over the top large neon signs, and of course custom neon signs.

There are so many to choose from and that’s before you even get to the colors.

The good thing about neon red signs is that if you go to the right place, they are cheap. Which means they are very affordable to fit into any home bar budget you may have? The only difficulty is finding the best ones for you.

Well, threat no. This is an entire article devoted to one thing and one thing only. Neon home bar signs – where to buy them, and home bar decor inspiration. This actual article is something I am writing for my past self.

Something I’d like to have to take the load off of research. I’ve broken it down into different categories from food, to phrases and statement pieces.

A bar: Bars have been using traditional neon lights for about eighty years. These lights can help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere and stand out to help advertise the bar.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, bars around the world have been forced to close their doors to help reduce the spread of the virus. A lot of people missed the bar scene, so more people than ever before are making a bar in their homes. To give the home bar a retro feel, many have invested in an LED neon light.

Although you may find yourself with a pocket problem after purchasing the LED light, keep in mind that very little maintenance is required and the light should last a long time. In the long run, investing in an LED neon sign makes sense.

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