Importance of Packaging in Boosting Sales


The primary use of product packaging is to protect them while in transit. However, we can’t ignore the significant role it plays in boosting sales.

Recent research has revealed that packaging design influences the purchase decisions of many customers. If you fail to pay enough attention to your product packaging, you sure are going to be missing out on potential sales.

Importance of Product Packaging

So, how essential is your packaging design? It is imperative as it plays a significant role in promoting products on behalf of companies. It also ensures that the items get to the consumer in good condition.

Apart from creating an appealing design, it is essential to ensure that the customer does not have to go looking for special tools to open the package. Product packaging that is difficult to open may quickly tarnish your brand image. On the other hand, making it easy to open improves customer experience.

Another critical role played by packaging is making the items easy to identify. The customer can easily tell what is in the box through images, typography, and other elements. A brand that manufactures different products can use distinct colors to make the products easy for the consumer to identify.

How Does Product Packaging Boost Sales?

If a customer goes to the store with the intention of purchasing a product that they know little about, it is most likely that they will purchase the product whose packaging appeals to them. The first interaction your customer gets with your product is with its packaging. Therefore, making the first impression a memorable one.

Excellent packaging quality leads the customer to believe that the items therein are high-quality. If the product is well-secured, the customer feels that you care about your items as well as the consumers.  

As earlier mentioned, custom branded packaging is a powerful tool through which companies can raise brand awareness. You can clearly display your logo and other brand features on your packaging. This way, buyers will become more acquainted with your brand when they see the items and might consider buying from you.

Many millennials spend a substantial amount of their leisure time on social media, either posting on their walls or viewing other users’ walls. Social media users tend to share images of things they like, including items they purchased that gave them satisfaction.

Winning in a Competitive Industry

Make your product visually appealing so that if a customer shares it on social media, it will catch many users’ eye. According to a recent poll, more than 30% of online buyers have posted an image or video of a new purchase, and 60% of them said they’d be more likely to post products packaged in a gift-like box rather than a conventional brown box. More than 50% of those who had watched an unboxing video said that it persuaded them to buy the product.

Especially for highly competitive markets such as cannabis, when you update your packaging for flowers or edibles, introduce new versions or invest in seasonal packaging. This invigorates your brand and can entice existing consumers to make another purchase, boosting sales at traditionally sluggish periods of the year or gaining share during competitive times, like the holidays.

How Does Packaging Impact Buying Decisions?

Packaging impacts buyers’ perception of items, which is why it can have such a tremendous impact on sales.

Research conducted at the University of Twente in the Netherlands found out that packaging, particularly container color influenced how participants viewed items.

Another study also revealed that packaging impacts how children assess products’ flavor. This further points us to the fact that the packaging’s marketing cues had a significant impact.

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