What Is The Importance Of Human Resources In A Virtual Office


Human resources deal with the aspect of the company that has to do with people. Human resources’ primary function is managing people as a great resource. Humans constitute the significant factors of production and determine the extent of success the company achieves. 

Effective human resource management in any organization helps to increase performance, grow output and establish the company’s behavior. 

Part of the assignment of the human resources is to recruit personnel. Recruiting the right employees will enhance productivity and make the organization’s goal easily achievable. 

Workforce development and training fall within the purview of the human resources department. A good development program can help boost the effectiveness of staff. Staff motivation is essential to the sustenance and growth of any organization. 

Furthermore, the organization’s culture is fashioned by the company’s human resources team. The human resources department determines work culture, workplace practices, and habits. 

Having established the above summation, it becomes easy to understand the importance of human resources in a virtual office. This article will examine human resources’ role in a virtual office and help you find a virtual address london. 

What is Virtual Human Resources?  

The easiest way to describe virtual human resources is to explain what working from home means.  

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, working away from the workplace has become a new order.  

According to a survey, employees who worked from home reported more impressive productivity than those in-office workers. 

Another May 2020 found that the number of people working from home could triple after the pandemic. Between 2012 and 2016, the number of employees working from home grew from 24 percent to 31 percent in the United States. This means that even before the pandemic. 

The ability to carry on HR activities through online processes is called virtual human resources. Hiring remote employees using technology is a function of virtual human resources.  

Another essential task of virtual human resources is providing employees with human resources services using technologies. 

Importance of Human Resources in A Virtual Office 

Facilitate Communication 

Remote employees have to be contacted wherever they are located, and it is the duty of HR in a virtual office to communicate with remote staff.  

The best way to communicate with remote staff is by email, WhatsApp, or any social media platform officially approved by the company.  

Management of effective communication tools enhances effectiveness, encourages employees’ participation, and quick information dissemination. 

Without effective communication with remote employees, the virtual office becomes irrelevant. Communication is the key to engaging workers who work from home to keep them abreast with the organization’s goals and objectives and to ensure compliance with the industry’s best practices. 

Management of Online Resources 

As with the management of the in-office HR services and resources, virtual HR provides tools such as software and any technology required for work, training, online materials, etc. 

A virtual HR employee handles all the official ‘documents’ relating to staff welfare. As with filing documents in an in-office situation, HR is in control and custody of vital documents and soft copies of files. 

The human resources help to schedule online meetings. Since no physical meetings will be held with remote employees, online meetings are the best option to interact with workers.  

HR is responsible for introducing the agenda for the meeting and leading the discourse. Matters to be discussed are prepared beforehand for a smooth virtual discussion. 

The HR team usually provides materials needed for online meetings. Keeping minutes of meetings and records of activities falls within the purview of HR. 

Employee Recruitment 

Due to the establishment of virtual offices, online recruitment is inevitable. HR is in charge of all recruitments into the organization; the same applies to virtual offices.  

With online recruitment, HR has a variety of options to choose from. Working from home allows HR personnel to target high-flying candidates from worldwide. Selecting the right candidate via an online interview is quicker and easier. 

With online recruitment, HR saves time and energy from one-on-one engagement with potential employees: no boardroom meetings, no physical gatherings. Transport and movement costs to the office are eliminated. 

Training Facilities 

The HR managers provide training materials for their remote employees. Online training saves a lot of costs on the parts of both employees and employers. Paperworks are eliminated.  

Tasks and assignments are submitted online to the HR department. 

Data tracking is quicker and better managed. HR can monitor and keep track of staff activities. Performance evaluation is easily done and monitored online because each remote employee is assigned log-in details to access the company’s internet facilities. 

The HR department also performs mentoring of employees, providing facilities, tools, and equipment for employee development. These online materials may be available to employees to help them increase their skills and stay relevant. 


The importance of human resources in a virtual office is enormous. It is cost-effective. It saves time and energy and allows flexibility for both staff and management. HR personnel can engage in other functions while keeping track of employee activities. 

The virtual office has come to stay. This infers that virtual HR officers will continue to engage employees working from home. If remote working enhances productivity, companies and organizations will want to maintain such a system. 

Effective monitoring of employees working from home is essential to keep the employee-focused and engaged while working from the comfort of the home.  

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