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How you can consume Medjool Dates in Pregnancy?

Medjool Dates

Dates have several varieties of produce. Among these varieties, Medjool Dates originated from Morocco and are very rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.  Medjool dates with orange-like color, caramel taste with a soft and chewy texture can serve as natural sweetener,source of fiber and powerhouse of energy

Dates are ages-old known fruit considered a super food in pregnancy, as it is high in its nutrient values and thus very beneficial for health. Dates, as the powerhouse of energy due to their nutritional values, can ease the difficulties of new motherhood.

Why Medjool Dates in Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is that beautiful period of a woman’s life in which she endures a lot of challenges in terms of mental and physical health.

As we all know, Medjool Dates are fresh fruit and have a caramel-like taste. So, the less sweet taste makes it a handy snack.  From ancient times dates were deemed as fruit for pregnant ladies. So pregnant ladies have been advised to use dates as their pregnancy regime. In how many ways, Medjool dates can be the savior for a preggo; let us scroll down together. You can check out medjool dates online before consuming it.

Energy Level Booster: Pregnancy requires more energy levels. Medjool dates packed with saturated and unsaturated fatty acids can serve the purpose. Medjool dates can act as a great energy level booster for pregnant women.

Fights Anemia:  100 grams of Medjool dates contain 0.9 mg of iron that fights anemia, keeping the hemoglobin count healthy.

Maintain Calcium: Medjool dates help in maintaining healthy calcium content during pregnancy. It will make the bone structure of the mother and fetus healthy. Calcium, along with Serotonin and Tannin in Medjool dates helps in the proper contraction of uterine muscles.

Helps in Cramping: High levels of magnesium in Medjool dates help in cramping, regulating blood pressure and blood glucose levels during pregnancy. On the other hand, fetus dental and bone formation required magnesium.

Caloric intake: A higher caloric value makes this fruit a good source of caloric intake during pregnancy. A simple carbohydrate formation makes it easy to boost energy levels instantly.

Potassium Intake: Potassium’s high levels in Medjool dates maintain blood pressure levels by keeping salt balance. It further reduces the risks of kidney problems.

Fetus Development: Rich in Folate, i.e. 15mcg per 100g, Medjool dates help in the healthy growth of the fetus. An adequate amount of folic acid in pregnant averts spinal cord and brain defects in babies. Also flooded with Vitamin K of 2.7mcg per 100g, Medjool dates provide sufficient nutrients for the healthy development of fetus bone structure.

Natural Laxative: In pregnancy, Medjool dates serve as a natural laxative that helps uterus contractions by increasing the sensitivity of the uterus. Increased oxytocin levels ease labour by shortening its duration.


Conclusively, Medjool dates are power-packed fresh fruit that helps preggos endure the challenges of this exquisite phase of life.  The benefits of medjool dates for pregnant women are countless. Even a little amount of medjool dates can bring a lot of benefits.

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