How to Make Old Carpet Look Better

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None of us likes having a dirty old carpet around us. Unfortunately, many of us have worn out and awfully old carpets in our house. What should you do? Is DIY cleaning hack a solution? Or should you go for carpet repair Canberra?

Deciding between DIY hacks and professional carpet stretching services is difficult. However, before deciding anything, it is important to analyze if your old carpets can be restored or not. If yes, then there are several approaches to taking care of an old carpet.

Let’s look at the best ways of making your old carpet look better!

Should You Do it Yourself?

The most obvious question asked by homeowners these days is whether or not they should try cleaning their old carpets by themselves? The answer is- Yes! Taking care of your old carpets isn’t an impossible task. All you need is a bit of proper guidance, some tools and you can fix all kinds of carpet damages using carpet restretching and patching techniques.

Here’s how you can restore your old carpets at home making them look brand new:


Before doing anything else with your carpets, it is important that you clear out some space and get rid of the dust ingrained in your old carpets. Move furniture to another room and spread out your old carpets. Thoroughly vacuum your carpet on both sides to get rid of dust particles.

Stain Cleaning

Before moving on to stain treatment, check how many spots the carpet has. If you could identify the source of stains then it would help remove them. In most cases, carpet stains are formed by food spills and pet damage.

Vinegar and water solution is most effective when it comes to removing stains from carpets. However, in case your old carpet has greasy stains this method won’t be useful. For removing hardened grease, you should try scrapping off using any plastic tool. Else you can sprinkle cornstarch or talcum powder on the stain and remove them as it dries up. After the stain comes out, mix a few drops of liquid soap in the vinegar-water solution and apply it to the stained area. Rinse it after the stain vanishes.

DIY Carpet Repair Canberra

Now it is time to fix the minor damages to your carpet. An old carpet can have minor ripples, holes, and seam damages, which can be fixed at home. For fixing wrinkles carpet stretching is the best solution. You require a power stretcher and a knee kicker for stretching the carpets, and this equipment can be rented at affordable prices.

For other damages like holes, burns, and tears, you need to gather a few supplies like a donor carpet, scissors, carpet tape, and so on. In most cases, carpet holes and tears can be fixed using the carpet patching method.

Steam Cleaning

After your carpets are fixed, you should consider cleaning them. For cleaning old and dirty carpets, the steam cleaning method is highly recommended. For this, you need a steamer which you can rent out or invest in. Make sure to follow the instruction of the manufacturer when cleaning your carpet.

Add some cleaning solvent to the steamer so all the dirt and grime can get eliminated from the carpets. Try to extract as much moisture as possible, so it can dry quickly. Feel free in hiring professional services for steam cleaning your carpets.

Odor Removal

Old carpets can stink badly. However, you can perform carpet odor removal at your home with just one ingredient- baking soda. Just sprinkle an adequate amount of baking soda all over your carpet and leave it overnight. Check next day, if your carpet’s odor is gone or not.

Vacuum the carpet the next day and enjoy your freshly cleaned carpets!

Hiring Professionals for Carpet Restretching Canberra

Alternatively, you can hire professionals for carpet repair Canberra. All you need to do is reach out to the best carpet cleaning company and schedule an appointment. Furthermore, you should know that hiring experts for taking care of your carpet are much more convenient than doing it yourself.

Professionals arrive with modern equipment and truck mounts for cleaning your carpets. This way you protect yourself from the hassle of renting the devices and performing carpet repair and cleaning all by yourself.

Relying on a carpet cleaning company is worth the investment. DIY hacks always impose some level of risk with your carpets. So, make sure you choose accordingly and save money on carpet replacement.


These were some practical ways of restoring your old carpets. Feel free in trying the DIY hacks or hiring professionals for carpet repair Canberra.

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