How To Keep Your Sofa Clean During The Winter

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Winter season is around the corner and you must start your preparations to keep your sofa clean this year. Due to the lack of sunlight and warmth, cleaning a sofa can be a big task.

The risk of infections and allergies also increases because of a dirty sofa. But, there is no need to worry as sofa cleaning Melbourne services can make it easier for you to maintain clean fabric or leather couches. Apart from hiring experts, you need to know some important tips that are helpful in preventing dust, dirt and stains:

  • Avoid Water-Based Cleaning Methods

Couch cleaning Melbourne treatments such as hot water extraction and shampooing can be damaging to the couches. Excessive absorption of water and detergent by the sofa can spoil them. For the winter season, processes like steam cleaning and dry cleaning are perfect. With almost negligible use of direct liquid, these methods can clean a sofa without making it too wet. The drying process does not consume hours. That’s why be wise in your selection.

  • Clean the Stains Quickly

It is a great experience to enjoy hot coffee on a sofa, but what if your cup falls on the sofa? To deal with such unwanted circumstances, you need to be proactive in nature. Whenever food, beverage or any other things spoils the sofa, clean it up quickly with a wet cloth. Don’t wait for long as the stains might become stronger.

If you don’t want spots to ruin the charm of your sofa, then book the sofa stain protection service before the season arrives. With help of this lounge cleaning Melbourne treatment, you will be able to clean the stains without wasting time and energy.

  • Manage Allergies with Vacuuming

Winter allergies spread due to various kinds of allergens such as dust particles, dust mites, mould, pet dander and pest droppings. When a sofa becomes contaminated with these allergens, you face allergy problems. But, regular vacuuming can be helpful in preventing these problems.

You can use a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter to prevent the compilation of allergens in your fabric or leather upholstered furniture. If you are not able to control allergies in your home, you can schedule the booking for couch cleaning Melbourne.

  • Keep Humidity in Control

Mould, bacteria, foul smell and many other problems increase when the environment has high humidity. In the winter season, the moisture absorbed by the couch can have some serious repercussions. The fungal infections caused by mould infestation can be hazardous to health.  To reduce humidity, you can use a dehumidifier or fix all the pipe leakages.

If you feel that the mould has infected your sofa and its musty odour is making your life stressful, then you can reach out to the best lounge cleaning Melbourne service provider. They can treat mould infestation with superior quality anti-fungal products.

  • Place Rugs and Doormats

In cooler months, kids and elderly people stay at home. Due to increased usage of the sofa, the chances of the formation of stains increase. If you don’t want kids to spoil the couch with wet and dirty shoes, you can place doormats. You can also place rugs on the floor so that pets and toddlers can play on them.

  • Open Windows on Warm Days

When sofas don’t get properly ventilated environment, they become home to many kinds of pests, mites and bacteria. On sunny or warm days, you can slide the curtains and allow the sunshine and natural air to ventilate the room. In this way, you will be able to protect the fabric from further damage.


A sofa gets dirty throughout the year. That’s why you should never wait for a perfect season to get it cleaned. There are many misconceptions about sofa cleaning in winter. But, you should get the sofa cleaned before the winter starts. You can hire sofa cleaning Melbourne experts to get every corner of the upholstered sofa clean with the right products and machines.

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