How to Clean Your Fabric Sofa and Remove Stains Using Vinegar  

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If you have a fabric sofa in your drawing room, you may face pet urine, liquid spills, scratches and many other issues. Now you can solve most of your problems using vinegar solution. You should add a layer of sofa stain protection in Brisbane. It helps you to clean stains and spots quickly. Besides that, you have to vacuum the furniture to remove loose dirt from the surface and use a dry towel or microfiber cloth to wipe the fabric. Read this article to learn different ways of using vinegar on fabric couches.

Vinegar vs Other Commercial Sofa Stain Removal Brisbane 

Do you know that you can use vinegar as an alternative to laundry detergent and other commercial chemical products? White vinegar breaks down the tough stains, which makes the cleaning task easier and less time-consuming. The commercial agents may have harsh chemicals which are harmful to pets and kids, but vinegar is a DIY organic ingredient that works in a similar way, just like a cleaning agent. Here you are going to explore the uses of vinegar as a DIY sofa stain protection in Brisbane. So, the first question that comes to your mind:

Is White Vinegar a Good Solution for Fabric Couch Cleaning?

Vinegar is time tested DIY solution used for cleaning. It has a strong acidic substance that kills bacteria and reduces foul smells.

It is also used as a fabric softener which brings back the sign of the materials. Moreover, it is the most affordable solution that eases the process of couch cleaning  

How to Clean Fabric Sofa with Vinegar

  • After vacuuming, you should start wiping the furniture with a damp paper towel soaked in vinegar. It kills the bacteria and breaks the dirt at the surface level.  
  • After that, you can use a brush to scrub the service. It ensures no dirt is left on the fabric.
  • After that, wipe the furniture with a damp cloth soaked in cold water.
  • Next, allow the furniture to dry completely. It removes excess vinegar and brings the shine back to the material.

Tips on Maintaining the Quality of Sofa with Vinegar

Indeed, cleaning with vinegar is an easy process, but maintaining it requires a habit and love for the furniture. 

You have to prepare a paste using two tablespoons of white vinegar and cold water. Now use a microfiber cloth to rub the fabric surface with the paste. It easily cleans off the stains from the sofa.

You can also soak a cloth in vinegar solution and put it on the spills or stains spot for a few hours or overnight. In this way, you can make the material more resistant to stains and foul smells. It is a great cleaning agent. Make the most of it.

Other DIY Remedies for Upholstery Protection Brisbane

There are many DIY solutions for fabric furniture cleaning. Some of the popular methods are:

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has an acidic substance that kills germs. Use a microfiber cloth to blot the area with lemon juice. Now let it stay for an hour and see the changes. Apply this solution a few times to get the desired result. 

Dry Cleaning Solution

You can buy a dry cleaning solution from the market and apply it to the furniture. Please use protective gear like masks and gloves because some dry cleaning solutions may have chemical ingredients and inflammable substances which are harmful to human beings. You have to take special care or consult with an expert for upholstery protection. Brisbane experts have years of experience, knowledge and skills to find the best remedy for your furniture.

Baking Soda

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is a time-tested DIY solution for sofa cleaning. You can sprinkle baking soda on the affected area to remove the foul smell on your premises.

In case of stubborn stains such as ketchup, or red wine, you have to prepare a paste using baking soda and water. You can add white vinegar to the paste. After that, use a microfiber cloth to apply the paste to the affected area. Please do not oversaturate the area with moisture during the process.

You can use a wet/dry vacuum, fans, and blowers to dry the area properly before using the furniture again. It is a DIY remedy, not a professional cleaning method, so you have to apply it a few times to get the desired result.

Dishwasher Liquid

It is the traditional method of cleaning fabric materials. You have to prepare a liquid cleaning solution with a dishwasher and warm water. After that, soak a microfiber cloth on the liquid and wipe the area properly. Please apply this solution after vacuuming; otherwise, the dirt may spread to other parts of the furniture. Do you want to get the best sofa stain removal in Brisbane service? We are here to help you. Our professionals are ready 24/7 to offer emergency services. We offer end-to-end cleaning services for all types of fabric and leather furniture. If you are busy on weekdays, you can schedule an appointment at late hours or at weekends. You are just one phone call away. Please let us know about your requirements.

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