How to Clean Poop Out of Underwear – Detailed Guide 2023

Accidents happen! The toddler just had an accident in the worst way, leaving poop stains on his underwear. Outside of this instance, even adults have natural physiological functions that leave marks.

Then you’re left wondering how to clean poop out of underwear!

It is your choice whether or not to deal with the matter, but I would advise you to do so. As you’ll read in this Cleaners Advisor article, knowing how to remove poop stains from underwear can help you in a variety of ways.

Luckily, here are seven helpful tricks on how to clean poop out of underwear that will help get underwear clean and good-looking.

Do Poop Stains Come Out?

The occasional poop stain isn’t impossible to manage. But it will become more challenging if you don’t notice and deal with it immediately. Always apply stain removers before running anything with feces stains through a hot water wash. 

A poop mark is a protein-based stain, like blood, grass, and milk. When heated, protein stains can cook and develop a tight bond with underwear fibers, making them nearly impossible to remove. You’ll need to keep them out of hot water, and especially the dryer, until the stain is gone. You can use the washing machine as a tool in removing poop stains, but a hot water cycle to start the stain removal process will likely leave you worse off.

Materials and Tools Needed

Wondering how to clean poop out of underwear? Here are all materials you should keep in hand first when you want to remove poop stains from underwear:


  • A Tub or Basin
  • Rubber Gloves or Doggy Bags
  • Cold Wash Water
  • Enzymatic Cleaner
  • Soft Cleaning Brush
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Bleach or Distilled White Vinegar
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Ammonia
  • Lemon
  • Baking Soda

How To Remove Poop Stains Effectively

One of the best ways to remove poop stains from underwear is with an enzyme cleaner in a cold water soak. Enzymes, specifically protease enzymes, are targeted agents that break down stains so they can lift away from the fabric. Many high-quality laundry detergents use a blend of enzymes for comprehensive cleaning power against numerous substances.

Unfortunately, enzyme cleaners aren’t always readily on hand, nor do they work on all kinds of clothing. You should avoid enzyme cleaners for baby clothes and cloth diapers, two places that commonly get poop stains. Enzyme cleaners and harsh detergents can irritate a child’s sensitive skin. They can also damage certain materials like silk and wool, both protein fibers that could break down in the wash.

How To Avoid Those Stains Before They Happen

Rewind to our scenario from earlier with the toddler. What if you didn’t have to panic about the stain setting into his or her sheets? One way to prevent the burdensome task of stain-removal is to invest in sheets that are stain-resistant. Our high-quality microfiber sheets for kids are 100% polyester, hypo-allergenic, and resistant to fading, staining, and wrinkles.  

Another way to prevent stains from setting in further is to look over clothing articles before they go into the wash. If you notice a set of sheets with a poop stain from before a previous wash, set it aside to reduce the discoloration. Running your marked items through a wash and dry cycle that’s too hot can make a temporary stain become a permanent one. It may be best to hand-wash and dry them, which can also preserve your clothes and sheets’ quality. 

The same goes for your kids’ underwear. When you buy durable underwear made of quality cotton, you know that it will stand up to your washing machine and any stain removal that you have to do. A quality product is always going to be the most stain-resistant, and kids’ underwear is no exception.


You now know how to get poop stains out of underwear. There are plenty of techniques you can use to get rid of a stain, no matter what you keep stocked up on at home. However, the most common method used to remove fecal stains is a cold-water wash.

Nevertheless, there are many other techniques in this CleanersAdvisor guide on how to remove poop stains from underwear, thereby making them as good as new.

Do you have a secret weapon on how to clean poop out of underwear? Share it with us!

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