How To Clean A Couch With A Steam Cleaner?

Steaming is the most popular method of lounge cleaning because it uses less energy and water to make your lounge fresh. Besides that, you can buy this machine from the market at a lower cost and conduct the process from the comfort of your home. Many customers prefer it as the primary method of couch cleaning Perth is a prime location where many service providers also offer this facility. It uses the pressure of the hot water vapour to remove dirt and germs from the surface. Today in this article, we are going to talk about the DIY steam cleaning method and its limitations.

Is Steam Cleaner Suitable for Fabric Sofa Cleaning?   

Steam cleaning is suitable for fabric sofas because it offers a deep cleaning technique to eliminate dirt and germs trapped in the lower layer of fibre. However, hot water extraction is a popular alternative to the steam cleaning method, where experts use direct pressure of the hot water to clean the surface. All these methods have some limitations, but these are the most preferred methods for upholstery cleaning. Perth is an area where commercial lounges receive higher foot traffic, so you need advanced equipment and techniques to prevent issues such as stains, mould growth and dampness. That is why most expertsoffer these methods to their clients.

If you invest a good amount in decorating your room with costly fabrics and furniture, then you must invest a small amount for steaming and vacuum cleaning machines.  

Before going to apply this method, you have to know more about the limitations. Some of the limitations are-

  • There are various steaming machines available in the market. You have to find a suitable one based on your usage. 
  • You have to set an appropriate temperature and mode of cleaning before starting the process.
  • You should not hold the nozzle of this machine on a particular area for a long time because it may discolour the area.
  • You have to control the water reservoir and be careful about oversaturation during the process.

Note: A professional couch cleaner in Perth may use different ingredients in the water reservoir, but you should not do it with regular machines. It may lead to discolouration. Please take a pre-test before applying a new machine/solution to the affected area. This step ensures the effectiveness of the process. If you are satisfied with the result, you can use it on the surface. 

Most of the residential property owners use regular steam cleaning machines, which come with low horsepower engines. These are not suitable to cover a large area. In comparison, professionals use high-quality machines, which ensures better cleaning.

Regular Steam Cleaning Machines Vs Professional Machines    

Experts use certified eco-friendly products with their steaming process to remove stubborn stains and dark spots. However, you cannot use this type of ingredient in a regular steaming machine. Couch cleaning Perth experts have years of training and experience in providing this service. That is why if you want a better quality cleaning, you should hire an expert in your locality. They can regulate the temperature and use different other equipment in the process.

Note: Many people market hot water extraction machines as steaming equipment. Please note that these two are different equipment with different facilities. That is why if you are buying any product, please check the specifications and instructions before buying any such machines.    

If you think investing in a steam cleaning machine is not worth it, then you can have affordable upholstery cleaning Perth services. They offer a premium quality service at a lower cost. You do not have to rent or buy any costly machines, and you will get a headache-free cleaning experience in just one phone call. 

How to Steam Clean Your Sofa: Step-by-Step Guide     

Steam cleaning is not a complex task if you learn the art of cleaning. Here we are going to tell you a step-by-step process.  


You have to start with simple vacuuming that removes the microparticles and airborne dust from the surface level. After that, you have to apply a solution such as baking soda, white vinegar, lemon juice or petroleum jelly to remove stains and foul smells. It is an essential step before starting the steaming process.

Start the Steaming Process  

You have to fill the reservoir with water to start the cleaning process. Please check whether the reservoir is leaking or not. Before setting the appropriate temperature, you have to read the instruction manual. Besides that, please do not use a heavy steaming machine without the assistance of professionals because the process is complex, and you may make some costly mistakes. 

Drying Process  

Steam cleaning does not use much water; that is why you can air dry the furniture. If you have oversaturated the area with excessive moisture, you can dry it with the help of fans, blowers and dehumidifiers.  If you think it is a headache and you do not have time to do all of these, then it would be better if you hire a couch cleaner in Perth. We offer the best same day service in your locality. If you are busy on weekdays, you can schedule an appointment on weekends. We are open 24/7, and our experts will reach your location at the scheduled time. Please feel free to call us and book an appointment now.

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