How Often Should I Get My Lounge Cleaned?

lounge cleaning

You should get the upholstery cleaned at least once every month. On commercial premises, you should get furniture cleaned once a week. However, it depends on the foot traffic, usage, weather and many other factors. There are many fabric and leather lounge cleaning ingredients such as lemon juice, petroleum jelly, white vinegar, and nail polish remover to eliminate stains and germs. Besides that, do not forget to vacuum the furniture regularly. 

Importance of Lounge Cleaning Adelaide

It is tough to maintain a dust-free home, but you can reduce the pollen, pet dander, spores and dust by following simple habits. Do you know that humans shade 30,000 dead skin cells per day? This dust stays on the furniture, carpets and beds. You need regular vacuuming to make your residential or commercial premises neat and clean.

Sometimes after a social event, many homemakers do not clean the sofas and couches, which leads to dampness and mould growth. When your kids sit on the same sofa, they inhale a large number of dust particles. It causes skin irritation, allergies and other lung diseases. 

A professional lounge cleaning service is essential to keep your house dust-free. They use advanced equipment and certified chemicals to protect fabric and leather furniture from stains and germ growth.  

Signs of Furniture Deterioration

You can easily determine the issue by looking at the furniture. Due to heavy usage, it cannot endure high foot traffic. As a result, they deteriorate in quality. It can be seen more often on commercial premises.

If you find cracks, crevices, or discolourations, you should apply DIY remedies or consult with an expert to repair that furniture. You have to check the legs of the furniture because these four legs are the main strength of the whole structure. 

You may find that your family members and pets are getting skin-related issues more often than usual. It is a sign of bacteria growth. You should take this indication seriously and sanitise the premises as soon as possible.

You can apply regular DIY home remedies in small cases of stains, dark spots, and discolouration, but when it impacts your family’s health, you should consult with an expert to resolve the problem. 

Deep Clean the Lounge

You have to deep clean the couch, sofas, upholsteries, and carpets at least twice a year to preserve their quality. Many brands prefer dry cleaning solutions rather than steam cleaning. However, steam cleaning provides better results than dry cleaning.

Brands prefer not to damage the item by recommending steam cleaning. Dry cleaning is easier and safer to conduct than any other advanced cleaning method. 

However, if you prefer DIY remedies, then you have to check the care code to determine whether you have to clean it with a water-based or solvent-based solution. You can consult with a local manufacturer if you do not find the care tag. Professionals also check care tags before preparing a certified chemical solution for advanced fabric and leather lounge cleaning in Adelaide.

Some of the popular care codes are:

W: Water-based solution is suitable for the item.

S: The solvent-based solution is suitable for the furniture. 

WS: Both water and solvent-based solutions are suitable.

X: Only vacuuming is essential. 

O: Only organic ingredients should be used in cleaning. 

Please do not forget to have a pretest before applying the solution to the affected area. Check the effectiveness of the solution in a hidden area. It helps you to avoid unintentional damage.    

How to Do Fabric and Leather Lounge Cleaning Adelaide?    

You have two ways to clean the fabric and leather upholsteries. The first one is DIY remedies which are organic solutions that you can conduct from the comfort of your home. It does not need much expertise, knowledge and skills.

Secondly, you can consult with an expert for aprofessional lounge cleaning service. They have years of experience, knowledge and skills to set the best remedy based on the material, texture, colour and different other aspects of furniture.

You should not compare DIY remedies with professional cleaning services because experts are certified to conduct the process in your locality. They use high horsepower advanced equipment to clean the furniture, which ensures better results. 

You can read our articles on DIY remedies, but if you want a professional lounge cleaning service, you should consult with our experts. We are available 24/7 and offer service even on weekends and public holidays. If you need an express booking, you should call us directly. 

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