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How Much Does it Really Cost to Develop a Flutter App in 2022

Flutter app

Introduction – What is Flutter?

Google’s Flutter software development kit (SDK), is open-source. This can be used to develop cross-platform mobile apps and desktop apps using Xamarin or React Native. It’s used for app development on at least six operating systems, including Android and iOS as well as Windows and Mac as well as Linux and the Linux-based Google Fuchsia.

This is primarily used to develop mobile apps (Android, iOS). Flutter’s main advantage over other alternatives is its ability to program apps for different OSs using one codebase. Flexible programming makes Flutter stand out from its predecessors and competitors.

Customizable widgets are a great way to create natively-compiled apps and provide a seamless user experience. This makes it more cost-effective.

Flutter was first to make an appearance at the 2015 DART developer summit. It was then simply called ‘Sky’ because of its codename. It was also available Android-only.

There were many preview versions for three years, until December 2018. This was the moment when stable release 1 was released. It is based on C++ and DART as its official languages.

In the past few years, Flutter usage has increased. Flutter’s main advantage is its ability to optimise costs. It is no surprise that it is used by many large companies such as Square, eBay and Tencent. It is clearly on the verge of becoming the most popular SDK for mobile software programming.

Why Should You Choose Flutter for Your Next Project?

Cross-platform programming. Flutter’s greatest advantage is the ability to create and launch an app that runs on multiple platforms (up to six) using one codebase. Companies no longer need to have multiple developers for each OS. Instead, they can hire one team to handle the tasks of 2, 3, 4 and 5.

This has the obvious benefit of greatly reducing development costs. Apps are also much faster to market. Startups who lack the resources to create apps using native methods may find Flutter beneficial.

Programmers generally find coding difficult enough. Programmers welcome any innovations that simplify their work without making it more complicated.

Native app development requires that developers use different codebases to support all operating systems on which the app will be launched. The alternative is, however, more convenient: creating a self-adaptable application via one codebase.

Superior performance Hot reload is perhaps Flutter’s best feature. Natively, a native app must be developed for iOS and Android. The app must then be loaded onto the device to allow users to make changes.

Developers using hot reload, on the other hand, can make changes to their code without having to restart the program. This makes it easier to test and improves team collaboration.

Global Community and Google Support: The Flutter community is growing rapidly, gaining trust from mobile developers around the world. It has so far gained around 110,000 members. Stars on GitHub. Google also provides support to programmers via its API. Community platforms Regular updates

  • It is a powerful credential, not least because it is an SDK that has been backed by Google. There are many official forums and unofficial forums that allow Flutter coders the opportunity to interact, learn from and connect with each other.
  • Programs like React Native and Flutter have larger ecosystems than other cross-platform apps because they have been around for longer periods of time. Flutter is still the leader in both, but it has steadily risen to the top of the table.
  • Flutter’s app development costs are lower than Xamarin, especially when it comes to enterprise-scale software. Flutter also boasts a seamless UI that is better than React Native. These are just a few of the reasons Flutter is becoming more popular with programmers than other alternatives.

The chart below shows Flutter’s steady climb to the top of the cross-platform mobile programming ladder.

It’s easy to see why Flutter has enjoyed growing popularity over the years. Flutter is an easy platform to use that makes programming faster and easier. It also reduces the development cost.

Flutter apps have better performance. Flutter is a great choice for your next mobile app development project from the Best Mobile App Development Companies In India. Although no one can predict the future, Flutter is a clear sign of a new era in mobile app programming.

What Affects the Cost of Developing an App on Flutter?

Flutter makes it much easier to build an app than native apps. It is also not a cheap choice. It is far from cheap. There are many factors that can raise Flutter app development costs. These factors are similar to those that affect other software development projects.

The Complexity and Functionalities of the App

Based on the complexity of the required programming, applications are divide into three categories: ‘low, medium, and high’. The software must have more features than the average project.

Flutter apps can be more complicated due to the architectural model used, third-party integration tools and functionalities added. These factors may increase the development cost.

Login, for example, is a simple feature that requires minimal cost. However, chat features such as video calls and navigation maps will increase costs. App categorization determines which functionalities and features it should have. This, in turn, will affect the overall cost of Flutter app development.

Location of Developers

The cost of Flutter app development and software programming in general varies by location. Flutter developers, or any other North American developer, charge the most per hour. Australia and Western Europe are close behind.

Flutter hourly rates for developers in Eastern European countries like Ukraine are often lower than those in Western Europe. This isn’t due to lower quality work, but rather to the availability and skill of programmers in these regions.

If you are looking to hire flutter developers at a lower cost, outsourcing or indeed outstaffing is a great option. The top destinations for software development outsourcing are countries like Ukraine. The following hourly rates for Flutter developers can be expected by region:

Flutter App Design

Everyone loves an intuitive and aesthetically-pleasing user interface, but it comes at a higher Flutter app development cost. The complexity of the design is key. UX design allows users to interact with the app seamlessly. UI designing aims to create a better user experience. Both are essential to providing a great user experience.

Flutter-built mobile app for Philips Hue

If you are going to design a fitness app, for example, animations and interactivity will increase the price of the application. Gaming apps are more expensive than other software, such as Messengers. They require higher definition graphics and animations.

Testing, Maintenance, and Support

Software is never finish. When calculating the cost of developing a Flutter app or any other software, you should consider the costs associated with updates and maintenance. The majority of maintenance is require to keep the software running smoothly. This includes providing updates and fixing bugs.

You may also need to make changes to your design every now and again to keep your app looking attractive. It is important to not limit the costs of a Flutter app to just how much they cost. Also, consider future maintenance and errors.

How much does Flutter App Development Cost?

What is the average cost of creating a Flutter application? To calculate the average cost to build an app with Flutter, first determine the hours required to create a feature or function.

Add the hourly Flutter developer rates for the people you have hired to the total. It might cost more depending on how complex the app is. This excludes future maintenance costs and other expenses.

Flutter is quite affordable compared to other platforms.

The costs of a project can vary widely due to many factors. Instead of settling on a specific amount, ask for cost estimates before you start a project.

During the discovery phase (the initial stages), meetings should take place between business analysts, project managers and coders. Analyse all variables and make agreements (on things like the hourly rate of Flutter developers), establish project specifications and give rough estimates of the time to complete the Flutter app development.

The developers then create wireframes of the app concept. The next stage of development is once the Discovery Phase has been approve. The Discovery Phase is crucial as it provides the primary direction for the project.


Flutter makes it easier and cheaper to develop mobile apps. Flutter makes it easy to develop apps for multiple platforms simultaneously.

You should still be vigilant to ensure your budget is use wisely and you avoid overspending. Novumlogic a flutter development agency with Flutter developers can help you significantly lower the cost of your next Flutter app development project.

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