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ISACA certification

ISACA is considered to be one of the most reputed and popular certifications for information technology professionals. It has brought a kind of revolution in the field of information technology. It not only gives assurance to the employer about your expertise in the respective field but also checks your knowledge in the best possible way. This will polish your skills in the field of either project management or audit management. So if you are someone looking forward to splashing into the world of information technology then this certification is going to be a miracle for you. 

Benefits Of ISACA Certification

ISACA certification offers you an endless number of benefits that you can access throughout your journey in this career field. Firstly the fees of the examination get reduced once have become an ISACA member. And the best part about membership is that you can also get access to a lot of study material that can be very helpful from the exam point of view. Certification makes it easier for you to become a member of the ISACA community. click for source


CISA and CISM are two different certifications under ISACA certification. CISA is meant for audit management and CISM is meant for project management. There is a proper procedure that needs to be followed to get hold of this certification. But once you have these there is nothing that can stop you from achieving the heights of success in your career field. 

Scheduling ISACA Certification Exam 

As you know that before you acquire this certification you have to appear for an examination. But before you appear for the examination you have to schedule the exam by following the complete registration process. There is an eligibility criterion that you need to know before registering for the exam. You must have at least 3 to 4 years of experience in the field of either project management or audit management. You can also refer to the cisa exam schedule 2022

Soon after registration, you will have to pay the fees and once the fee is paid you can schedule the examination. The examination can be scheduled as soon as after 48 hours of registration and up to 2 years. The exam can be scheduled anytime within this time lag. 

Study Help 

Before appearing for the exam it’s mandatory to prepare for it to get a better rank. Even though you have working experience in the respective field yet you need certain things to be on the tips at the time of examination. You can also try looking for someone who is already a member of ISACA. As they have access to some exclusive study material and resources that are very helpful from the exam point of view. Also, ISACA has issued certain guides and resources for people to follow before they appear for the exam. You can follow those guides and can also take help from a teacher or coach if required. Otherwise, there are a lot 0f online classes available that help you to learn things very easily. 

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