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How can your company stand out from its competitors on Instagram?


When you are thinking of creating a digital presence of your brand on social media, you just can’t jump into it. You would rather have to perform deep research and discover the most relevant platform for your to market your business on it. Not only the platform there are so many other things that you need to figure out before stepping into the creation of a marketing strategy for any of the social media platforms. You must have a clear idea about your target audience, how you are going to approach them, and the usage of that digital platform in the right way.

As the competition among businesses is continuously growing in digital media, it has made the brands more curious about their marketing tactics and they are working so hard to be the best online version of their brand. Different digital platforms are offering different potential to their audience and Instagram has become one of the most competitive platforms just because of the potential and unmatched support it gives to its business community.

There are so many aspects of doing Instagram marketing in the right way that you need to know. In this blog, we are going to cover all the important aspects relevant to Instagram marketing that you should know. Many brands have derived a solution to beat the competition on this platform by Real Instagram followers which helps a lot with enhancing the visibility and discoverability of their brand on Instagram. 

So, let’s get started…

Be creative with photos

Instead of uploading photos having very basic product photography involved, you should be very focused on making the images more creative and fun. The product should be captured and isolated with a clean and clear background so that its features may get more enhanced and prominent.

Use a compelling colors scheme

The color scheme of your whole Instagram feed plays a vital role in making you stand out from your competitors. To come up with the best and the most unique color theme for your brand you would have to perform deep research while looking at what your competitors have chosen as a theme. You have to figure out everything about the color tone of their theme if it resonates with the image of their brand niche showing people the true colors of their business. Are they using lighter tones and what are the colors they prefer to make a part of their theme? Get Instagram views is another powerful way to boost the visibility of your profile on Instagram.

Once you have configured all the above-described aspects of the theme of your competitors, now choose the theme which is exactly opposite to theirs. Never try to copy them in any way as it will not individualize you as a brand. Some colors are less common on Instagram as most brands don’t prefer to set those colors as a theme of their brand just as black, gray, or any other dark shades so all of these are some of the great options to start.

Don’t be too professional


Social media platforms have been created to entertain people so when you are advertising your brand on a digital platform try not to be so professional or serious. You should never miss the fun factor out of your content as it keeps your audience more engaged and helps you stand out from your competitors. So it is highly recommended to add content like behind the scenes, meet the team, real-life hacks, etc. This type of content helps you develop an emotional connection with your audience.

Use storytelling 

The best way to grab the attention of your audience is by telling them your success story. You need to tell them what you have gone through and how you have managed to achieve what you are today. When you share values in the form of experience and expertise with your audience it inspires them a lot. You should be giving them some more detailed insights about the work culture of your organization. You should focus on creating interactive photos and videos that display the fun and enjoyment you and your team have while doing work.

Be yourself

When you are looking to build genuine connections with your audience, you should never be afraid to be simple and authentic. The social media users get more attracted to simple and natural content as compared to complex or professional-looking content. So, try to showcase simplicity as much as you can so that it may help you build genuine connections with your audience.

Yes, it is so important for you to show your professional side by highlighting your expertise but being human is also equally important. You should add so much creativity while you are writing the content for your profile. Try to write content like inspirational quotes, and jokes as such types of content also talk with your audience and enhance your value as a business. This not only strengthens your online presence but also makes you stand out from others.

Focus on images 

The photos and the quality of your video content play a crucial role in grabbing the attention of your audience. As digital media is getting transformed, people prefer to learn more from visuals as compared to written text. So your visuals should have the potential to make your audience learn to form them. For example; if you want to share some knowledge-based content with your audience, make sure the visuals of your post tell more about it as compared to the caption above it. This is what makes your content ahead of the pack and gets you a higher response rate on it

Wrap Up

When you properly know what you should post on your social media, you are actually fulfilling a major responsibility related to your business marketing. Along with this try to make yourself more active on social media and be very quick to respond to your audience as it helps you stand out by winning their trust.

Hope you find it informative and helpful. If you have anything to ask, feel free to write in the comments section below

Thank you

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