How A Video Platform Is Helping Businesses Survive. Arend Richard Breaks The Stigma For Cannabis Enthusiasts

Cannabis Enthusiasts

Having launched WeedTube in 2018, co-founder and visionary director of the first cannabis-content video platform Arend Richard has more than 5.9 million individual users. This makes WeedTube one of the most extensive social media platforms in the cannabis industry. After Arend was removed from YouTube due to his cannabis-related content, he joined hands with numerous other weed content creators who faced the same fate as Arend. That is how was created, allowing creators to upload their weed-related content. Through it, numerous influencers were able to get back on track, so it won’t be wrong to say that this video platform has actually helped businesses survive.

But the question is how Arend Richard is helping businesses survive through his million-dollar cannabis platform WeedTube? According to him, WeedTube is a cannabis-specific platform that gained significant users, forcing the industry to jump from one platform to another in order to connect with enthusiasts, investors, buyers, media, and other community members. WeedTube appears to be the best for cannabis today because Arend claims that this platform is ideal for connecting industry professionals. As a business platform, it can be beneficial in making lasting connections. And that is exactly what one needs for their business to thrive.

WeedTube rose to fame as a sustainable cannabis video platform

While social media giants such as YouTube seem to have loosened restrictions on cannabis of late, the WeedTube is an exclusive startup that offers an online solution to the cannabis community and its businesses. Arend Richard is of the view that the platform targets smaller audiences and cannabis-specific dais.

Big data and artificial intelligence: a huge potential market 

According to analyst Grand View Research, the legal marijuana market is estimated to grow to $66.3 billion by 2025. Nevertheless, the majority of the market is already submerged. “Marijuana brings you passivity and a temporary lack of control. It’s that love-hate relationship,” shares Arend. “You like to smoke, but you know it doesn’t suit you when you go too far.” 

Arend Richard shares a few tips every cannabis dispensary should keep in mind to succeed Knowledge is hard-earned in the cannabis industry. Big companies seek to compare the cannabis industry to others they are familiar with – from alcohol to health care. Cannabis culture, traditional markets, and history directly impact consumer preferences, so cannabis is unlike any other market. In fact, big tech companies work smart, and it pays to partner with consultants who have specialized expertise outside your knowledge base. The advantage of engaging third-party sellers gets retailers to connect.

Manage your services internally

Before the cannabis legalization in the US, supervising these operations personally was a matter of life and death. Giving out a free sample to test merchandise used to be an integral part of the consumer experience. Even after legalization, keeping your process under tight control and outsourcing as little as possible is still a good business practice. Cannabis delivery is a vital part of the cannabis economy in the accustomed market. Today, consumers prefer having their cannabis delivered rather than traveling with it. 

Consumers want the purchase to be an experience 

Cannabis sales are more than just acquiring a product; they are also about the experiential elements that accompany consumption. Data shows that experience-based shopping can increase consumer happiness. Incorporate engagement into your sales model and consider tangential activities that can drive engagement.  

Arend believes that this new market is emerging with many industries

As far as the cannabis sector is concerned, the market is being forged, and the competitors are still in formation. The growth of agents already in play is bigger and faster in the cannabis sector compared to other sectors. That is why this is a suitable time to invest in marijuana. However, investing requires specialized advice given the recent regulation.

The cannabis business can be more lucrative than other sectors, but it can have limitations if we are not properly advised. Therefore, before investing – regardless of whether it is in the cosmetic, agricultural, pharmaceutical, or food industry – carefully consult the regulations on cannabis wherever you want to work to make the investment profitable. 

Arend Richard thinks this is the right time to invest in the cannabis sector

We all know that the cannabis sector has taken over numerous states legally by leaps and bounds. Some say that the marijuana industry will grow in the second decade of the 21st century. However, the regulation of cannabis in different countries brings essential business opportunities that many do not want to miss, and many entrepreneurs are encouraged to create cannabis businesses. But we must not forget that cannabis covers many sectors: food, medicine, agriculture, textiles, construction, finance, and pharmacology. 

Fortunately, you can go back to the simple things that work well in the traditional market and modify your strategy to succeed. Always remember to protect and prioritize your relationship with your customers. It is imperative to differentiate your brand from the big companies that will never understand the stoner culture.

Arend Richard’s pro tip: Having cannabis activities on site will be a boon to travelers and help spread the word about how you made the visit to your store worthwhile for the customer. 

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