Guide of Instagram Reels for Social Media Marketing

How can you use the new Instagram Reels feature for your social media marketing? Social media channels are constantly evolving. Companies have to check new functions to see if they see opportunities in them.

Reels offer new potential to gain more reach and leads and to present yourself as a modern company. In order to increase views and engagement at your reels, you can simply buy Instagram followers Canada. Find out what reels do in social media marketing and how exactly they work in this guide.

What are reels on Instagram?

To put it bluntly, Reels means “roller” in German. This means, so to speak, images from the role, short crisp videos (each 15 seconds) that are played again and again in your own profile. These are multi-clip videos that are designed with some elements such as music, effects and creative tools. The videos can be very different. Private users often make dance, sports or lip-sync videos about it, similar to TikTok. For example, they sing short music sequences or add something funny to it for 15 seconds.

For example, companies can use it to create short promotional videos that appear more natural and less posed. Or they take the followers behind the scenes and give humorous insights into the work or a product. The reels are based on the type of videos from TikTok, which means that Instagram wants to compete with the up-and-coming network.

Where do you see Instagram Reels?

The short videos appear normally in the feed of the followers after sharing. Public profiles can also show the reels to the whole community via a new section – Explore or Discover. Thus, a new, larger audience is reached. This is also the advantage over TikTok for many companies. Many are still skeptical about TikTok because the target group is very young. The variety on Instagram is much greater, so the reels now offer a good chance to expand your audience on Instagram without requiring followers and users to switch networks for this type of content.

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Why should companies use Instagram Reels in marketing?

The reels offer two kinds of opportunities for companies in social media marketing.

Reels cause proximity and increase range

On the one hand, content can be played out that often has no place in the feed and in the story. While many companies have now established their brand and identity on Instagram – through high-quality images and videos – there is a lot to try out in the reels. It’s even an advantage if not everything is perfect, but rather comes across spontaneously, naturally, from life and maybe a little crazier, with a wink. This makes companies look fresher and more dynamic.

At the same time, new ranges open up to gain more followers and ultimately new leads. The Top Reels Page, for example, helps with this.

When your reels land on the Top Reels Page, many non-followers will see your products and brand, and they’ll get more exposure. If, after a while, it should also be possible to set links in the reels, then social media marketing on Instagram will get a boost.

Reels strengthen influencer effects

On the other hand, the reels bring advantages for working with influencer marketing. Influencers work so well precisely because they often appear spontaneous and genuine. Here, too, there is an increasing tendency towards perfect videos, but the followers quickly perceive this as artificial. Influencers have to be authentic, direct and approachable to the community. The reels bring influencers back to their roots. You can use it spontaneously, directly and authentically. Because there is not much time to be perfect.

Here, too, the loose, fast clips on the Top Reels Page can achieve a high reach. This works better the more followers the influencers already have in advance. Here in particular those who make particularly funny and creative reels will prevail. Companies should consider this when choosing influencers.

Guide: How to Make Reels on Instagram?

Reels are sort of a different form of story. Advantage: They don’t disappear again after 24 hours, but stay. There are three ways of recording. Clip by clip (15 seconds each), the whole video at once, or you can upload pre-shot videos from your own gallery. This is how the recording and design works:

Create/Record Reels: Switch to story mode on Instagram. On the side or bottom, then select Reels mode. Either press or hold the record button to rotate a clip or upload a video from your gallery.

Select clip art: Various creative tools are located on the left edge of the image. There are Audio, AR Effects, Timer & Countdown, Align, and Tempo categories.

Audio: Here you can choose a song from Instagram’s music library or record your original audio. In the second case, Instagram creates an audio track of what you said or sang. If your profile is public, this audio track can be used by other users in their reels. This can, for example, increase the reach of advertising jingles or slogans.

AR Effects: Different backgrounds can be selected here or filters and effects can be displayed. This makes a video more entertaining or creates a certain mood. The effects come from Instagram or are partly created by the community worldwide.

Timer & Countdown: This is a useful tool so you don’t have to keep pressing the record button all the time. Set the timer, then you can use both hands in front of the camera. This is the equivalent of the hands-free mode for the story. A countdown shows when the recording starts.

Arrange/Align: Here you set how the camera should align itself. In this way, transitions between scenes and clips can be created seamlessly. This often happens in the reels when users change their clothes in a clip with a snip or another user is suddenly “conjured up” into the picture.

Tempo/Speed: Use this effect to speed up or slow down the video or audio. For example, your movements can stay in time or you can create slow-motion scenes.

End video: During recording, there is a progress bar at the top of the screen. However, the recording must be ended – pressing the record button again or releasing the record button – when the video is finished. Then it can be shared.

Split Reels: Continue clicking on the split view. Here the reel can either be saved as a draft and shared later, or you can change the cover image, set a caption and hashtags, tag someone if necessary and then press “share”.

Reels shared in feed and profile: The reel is shared in the separate reel tab (in the profile next to the IG TV tab) in the profile. You can also share it in the feed and therefore also on your main profile. You can also remove it there if you don’t want it to be visible there. If your profile is private, only followers will see the video. Public profiles can also share the reels in the Explore or Discover section. It also appears on topic pages for the song, hashtag or effect selected in the reel. The range is thus multiplied.

Reels Monitoring: To know how your reels are performing, simply go to the reels tab. There you can see the likes, comments and views.


Instagram offers companies new opportunities to position themselves more broadly in social media marketing, to express themselves more casually and directly, and thus to become more approachable for followers and leads. Trends can also be discovered and a larger target group opened up.

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