Great YouTube Channels For Children To Watch

YouTube Channels For Children

Let your children explore skills at a young age and watch them go pro as they grow up

Since the world is changing every day, education is not the same anymore as it was for the older generations. There are many sources for children to get educated from now. One of the prime examples is YouTube. It offers over a thousand channels for children to learn from. However, YouTube has its perks while also access to all types of content makes the search difficult for people and especially those looking for children-friendly content. 

Thus, the list we have combined will provide you with great channels that will help your kids to learn new things at all times, become great thinkers, and excel in the field of school education too. For a smooth online learning experience for your kids and a hassle-free experience with internet lags, go for a package like Xfinity Triple Play. You can get high-speed internet for streaming content non-stop, a 125+ channel lineup with multiple education channels too, and much more like on-demand options, or simply get Flex to download and stream content at home or your phone, plus a home phone all under one manageable bill with one of the best and a reliable provider with great support. 

With a great service at hand, you never have to worry about enough content to keep your kids busy. They will be invested in healthy content consumption too. Read ahead to get down on this list for kids to watch on YouTube.

  1. Crash Course Kids:

Crash course kids is a channel that teaches children about science in a fun way. Children learn about the world of science from this amazing channel. This channel is explained well as “Science with a side of awesome”. They cover various topics such as habitats, space, and many others. 

  1. Homeschool Pop:

It is no secret that this channel is one of the best educational channels for kids. They cover various topics from history to maths. Children from all age groups will find something of interest on this channel. This channel is great when it comes to overall learning even if you are not from the US.

  1. Khan Academy:

Khan Academy has been doing great in this league for quite some time. This channel is specially designed to provide free education and assistance to everyone. Not only this but they also have sessions where students and teachers can interact from all around the world. This not-for-profit organization has been helping students with almost every course. 

  1. Minutephysics:

This channel follows the trendy version of teaching kids by using a storyboard. Students find it easier to learn and are intrigued by learning new things this way. This channel is known to make learning physics more interesting and fun. The narration that follows the video helps in maintaining the focus of the students and they can learn better.

  1. After-school watches for younger children:

This channel targets more of younger age groups. The catchy sight of cartoons is what helps in grabbing children’s attention. The cartoon characters come from Netflix shows. The way the cartoons dance and sing is the bright content which young children engage with. This channel is really helpful for kids. It also enables them to develop an interest in stuff like arts and crafts. 

  1. Ryan’s World:

The concept of this channel revolves around a family that conducts different fun and unique science experiments to catch the attention of children. They are famous when comes to hosting a channel for learning. Not only experiments, but they also do some other fun stuff based on the preferences of children such as arts and crafts and music. 

  1. Educational channels for older children

This channel mostly targets older children as suggested by the name. This channel is committed to producing content that is lessons for the students and children. This channel hosts different collaborations with multiple educators for the assistance of the children. Children from all around the world take advantage of this channel as it helps them challenge their knowledge and learn more. 

  1. Sesame Street:

Finally yet importantly on our list is Sesame Street. This channel is claimed to be one of the most insanely popular shows. The creators of this show have been in this game for over 50 years and have been producing educational content for children for quite a long time from teaching your child important life lessons, such as how to tie a shoelace and take care of others and ourselves.

Conclusive Point:

If you are looking for ideas for your children to spend time productively without getting bored then you should consider the above-mentioned channels, as they will help your child groom and help them learn new things.

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