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Fixing Gmail App Crashing for Android Users

Gmail keeps crashing android


Gmail is nowadays a means which is used by the users for official purposes and what happens when the Gmail App keeps crashing while you are trying to work? Well, this could be very much irritating for the users as it could interrupt their work and also delay their work as well. But the users need not worry as in this blog we are going to tell you about all you need to know to fix this problem so that you can ensure proper working of the app. 

Before you know what all are the ways which the users can use to solve this issue the users need to understand what exactly causes this issue. The reasons why this issue keeps on occurring with the users – 

  • The cache files if the app is on your device might be the culprit because of which the users are dealing with this issue. 
  • Another reason could be the unstable and poor internet connection users are using. 
  • The users can also face Gmail app crashing issues when the Gmail app you are using is not up to date to its latest version. 
  • The Gmail settings the users have done might be incorrect and because of which the issue is occurring. 

Ways to fix the issue of Gmail app crashing

  1. The first way to fix this issue is to clear the cache files which are there on your app by following the steps which are mentioned below – 
  • After opening the settings app the users need to look for Gmail in the apps section. 
  • Now, they need to hit the storage button and then under it they need to clear all the data and cache files. 
  • After restarting the device, users can try to access Gmail again. 
  1. Another way is to change the internet connection the users are using when they find out that the connection they are using is not stable and working properly. 
  2. The users must check the updates for their Gmail app and if they find any pending update they need to install it immediately so that the users can access Gmail without any errors. 
  3. Users must check the settings of Gmail and ensure if they are done correctly or not. 


If the users are looking for more solutions for this issue then they can any time refer the website Emails Crunch which will provide you with all the information you require. 

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