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Getting Into Featured Snippets on Google


Featured snippets are one of the most coveted spots on Google. Snippets are those little boxes that appear at the top of the search engine results page, above all of the other websites. They contain a brief summary of the answer to the user’s query, along with a link to read more. When snippets appear correctly, the user doesn’t even need to click a link to answer their question.

What are Featured Snippets?

Featured snippets are short answers to user queries that appear in a box at the top of Google search results. They contain a summary of the answer, along with a link to where the user can read more about it. Snippets are generated from web pages that contain information relevant to the query and are then selected by Google’s algorithm.

Why are Featured Snippets Important?

Featured snippets are essential for SEO success because they are one of the first results a user will see when they search. If your website is included in a featured snippet, you have an opportunity to capture more traffic and increase conversions. Additionally, being included in a snippet can improve your brand visibility and the perceived relevance of your content.

How Do You Get Into Featured Snippets?

Getting into featured snippets on Google requires an understanding of the algorithm that selects these results. While Google does not disclose exactly how its algorithms work, there are some best practices you can use to increase your chances of being included in a snippet:

1. Make sure your content is relevant and concise: Google favours concise answers to user queries over lengthy explanations. Aim for short, succinct answers that directly answer the query posed by the user and focus on providing value.

2. Structure your content properly: Utilize header tags (H1, H2, etc.) to organize your content and create sections. This will make your page more scannable and easier to read, which Google prefers.

3. Use an authoritative source: The content in a featured snippet should be from an authoritative source such as a website with domain authority or an educational resource that is respected by the community.

4. Optimise for keywords: Optimise your content for keywords related to the query. Including relevant keywords in your content will help Google understand the context of your page, and increase its chances of being featured in a snippet.

5. Focus on providing the answer: The key to getting into a featured snippet is to provide the best and most relevant answer to the user’s query. This means that you need to focus your content on answering the question at hand in short, concise language.

6. Add supporting images and videos: Adding an image or video to your content can help highlight the answer, making it easier for Google to find and feature it. Furthermore, adding a visual element to your content can make it more visually appealing and engaging for readers.

Working with a Digital Marketing Agency

If you lack knowledge and experience in this area, then it may be a good idea to work with a digital marketing agency. A reputable agency will have the expertise and resources needed for successful featured snippet optimisation, giving you the best shot at getting your content into one of Google’s featured snippets.

Getting your content into a featured snippet on Google can drastically improve its visibility, helping you to attract more organic traffic and boost your overall SEO ranking. To do this, it’s important to understand the basics of Google. Why not get started now?

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