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Fun88 promotion deposit is too big

Fun88 is the leading reputable bookie and attracts a huge number of players. However, new players sometimes still wonder if Fun88 is a scam or not. Let’s join Fun88 to reveal the truth right in today’s article.

Fun88 gives an explanation about scam rumors

When entangled in scam rumors, Fun88’s representatives gave a number of legitimate and detailed answers as follows:

To receive the offer, you must deposit enough money

Most of the incentive programs that Fun88 brings to customers will usually involve depositing and withdrawing. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the promotion, you need to deposit money into your game account. For any incentive programs for 2nd depositors, surely you only make your first deposit, you will not be eligible to participate in the promotion. At this point, the player should also top up again.

Wrong rules – can’t withdraw money

According to the regulations that Fun88 has set out in advance, players will not be able to withdraw the promotion money to the card. From the beginning, the conditions of the incentive program have also mentioned this condition very clearly. Bonus percentages or bonuses on the first deposit will be used for wagering only.

Participants will also not be able to withdraw this amount to a bank card. With this bonus, you are completely free to bet. Only when you win a bet can you withdraw money? Some players, because they have not read the conditions carefully, have led to think that the bookie is cheating them.

The official website of Fun88 bookie in Thailand is Visit ทางเข้า คาสิโนออนไลน์ Fun88 to discover together.

Blocked player accounts are not due to the bookie

The cause of this is entirely possible because the link to access Fun88 has been blocked. This action is usually performed by Thailand’s network operator, not by the bookie. To solve this situation, you can use the extra link Fun88 provides. On the other hand, it may be due to the player entering the wrong personal account too many times. This also made the bookie suspect that someone had unauthorized access, so the account was locked. In addition, there is also another cause which is an invalid player account. To be able to quickly solve this case, you need to contact Fun88 immediately.

Unfair competition between bookies

A famous and big bookie like Fun88 must have suffered a lot of competition from rivals. There are bookies that always improve their service and quality to compete. Besides, there are also some addresses that use tricks to compete unfairly.

They will release some rumors such as whether Fun88 is reputable, or whether Fun88 is a scam, Fun88 is down to make the part of the people participating feel confused. Although they did not give any information to prove it. However, this has also had a great impact on player psychology.

Liquidity problem

Fun88 is the leading bookmaker in conducting deposit/withdrawal negotiations. Most of it is done quickly, simply, and absolutely safely. Players will not need to wait too long to affect the experience. Particularly for the deposit problem, the bookie has linked with many big banks in Thailand. Therefore, your money transfer is much more convenient and convenient. 

Fun88 supports players to deposit money through a variety of methods such as internet banking, sms transfer, negotiation at the bank counter, ATM transfer, etc. The commitment negotiation period is quick and fair. Normally it will take you about two minutes to deposit. At Fun88, withdrawals are only supported through local banks and e-wallets. The withdrawal phase takes place quickly in less than 2 hours, at the latest 24 hours.

Fun88 promotion deposit is too big

Many times, big promotions will also make participants feel worried about the risks they face when betting. When participating in entertainment at Fun88, you can rest assured. Because this is also the policy to encourage participants. They help you to own an attractive and larger capital when participating.

From there, it is easy to earn profit more than playing at a real casino. Surely everyone will want to own a safe betting address. And Fun88 is one of them, you can rest assured to enjoy what the bookie brings.

Fun88 promotion deposit is too big

Evaluation of the prestige level of Fun88

Currently, there are many different bookmakers operating in the market. So why should you join at Fun88? Here are some advantages of Fun88 that players can refer to:

The game is extremely diverse such as money and fainting, online casino, etc. The most special is football betting. Players can enjoy entertainment, no need to feel bored. Because the odds and tournaments are also very diverse, fully meeting the needs of each person.

The interface is designed extremely friendly and beautiful, which is highly appreciated by many people. Categories and search functions are arranged scientifically.

Evaluation of the prestige level of Fun88

Players also do not need to spend too much time waiting for the transaction to top up the account. The reason is that the support bookie is very flexible in terms of transactions. All services at ATMs, bank counters, and internet banking are quite convenient.

Registration is also quick. All player information will be secured by the bookie on the basis of modern technology.

Constantly launching many promotions. In addition, the incentive value is also relatively high.

You always have the opportunity to have a good experience with professional player care.

Is Fun88 a Scam after all?

With the above-shared notices, it can be confirmed that the scam Fun88 is completely untrue. The bookie operates in a reputable and transparent manner, and the complaint information about the bookie Fun88 is unfounded. The mistakes of players lead to misunderstanding. Here are some details about Fun88 so that players can safely bet at the bookie against these rumors.

Visit Fun88 and experience the latest games on the Fun88 website at without being IP-blocked.


So above, Fun88 has sent you some very accurate information about whether Fun88 is a scam or not. Hopefully, our article has answered your questions and made you feel secure to experience Fun88.

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