Five Benefits From 3D Product Configurator

Perhaps you have customized an online product to your exact specifications. Perhaps you’ve customized your dream car. You can combine and match to create the perfect car. You might have personalized a sneaker by choosing your favorite colors, and laces, or putting your initials along the side.

A 3D configurator gives you endless options and allows you to see your creation instantly. This results in increased customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Let’s look at five key benefits that a 3D product configurator offers.

  1. A Higher Perception Of Value

Clients will pay more if they can customize a product to suit their needs. It reflects their personality and highlights the lifestyle they lead. This results in a product that is truly representative of you. A study shows that 20% of shoppers are open to customizing their products and are willing to pay 20% more.

Brands with 3D configurators have greater engagement, which results in more quality leads and lower customer acquisition costs. This leads to higher conversion rates. It is like a domino effect, which boosts all aspects of your eCommerce. While large brands have seen huge success, it’s now possible for smaller brands to reap the same benefits from attractive pricing.

  1. Higher Customer Satisfaction

Products that are customized are perceived as premium and high-quality. Customers who are in control over the appearance and details of their products are more likely to be happy with the final result. This builds brand loyalty. Customers feel empowered and in control of the appearance and features of their products. Their time spent on a website is significantly higher, which creates a deeper connection with the brand. A study in the fashion industry shows that customers who design their shoes themselves have a 50% higher Net Promoter score. This score reflects the relationship between the brand and the customer. This results in higher sales, higher lifetime customer values, and more referrals.

  1. Personal Touch

95% customers prefer 3D configurators to interact with 3D product renders. This allows customers to customize their products rather than just viewing a video with some features. Giving options means that you have the freedom to choose what you want. You can even change a product’s color to make it more personal. This can impact the buying process. You have more options to convert potential customers into paying customers the more complicated a product is.

  1. The Social Aspect


Clients are more likely to be excited when they have the option to personalize their product. This is your creation, and more closely connected to the values you hold. You will get social validation from your friends and family because it will generate reactions. Friends and family can voice their opinions and there will be more interaction. This social integration is beneficial for both the customer and the brand. This results in increased brand awareness and exposure.

  1. Data Gold Mine

The entire process of customizing and buying provides valuable information for the company. They gain a better understanding of what features and aspects are most popular. It is possible to gather a lot of information about their product, which can be used to improve the existing ones or make future productions. It is easy to see your preferences and interests. It is hard to get this feedback normally. You might find that one feature is included as a standard feature, simply because the 3D configurator requests it. You will have a more efficient product evolution and can easily take into consideration the wishes of your client.

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