Experience Sydney Nightlife At Its Best In These 7 Happening Venues


Sydney is also a place that never sleeps! From dusk till dawn, there is always a party going on. Young, vibrant and full of energy, the Sydney club scene is thriving, offering anyone a chance to get loose, blow off steam and enjoy themselves.

Music, parties, food, company, dances, and anything else you can think of all have their place under the Sydney roof. The challenge becomes picking out one or several venues where you wish to be, but don’t worry about missing out! There is always something going on, and Sydney offers a party for everybody!

1. Pizza and rock&roll!

We’ve sold the best part of Frankie’s Pizza in the title, but believe us, there is more to it! While eating some of the best pizzas in Sydney, you can also satisfy your appetite for karaoke, live modern performances, and old classics. As different spices mix on your pizza, different tunes can also be heard at Frankie’s. Located at 50 Hunter Street, CBD, Frankie’s is the perfect place to begin your clubbing night!

2. Splash the night away

For those looking for a touch of class, pool parties and privacy, Ivy Pool Club has it all! DJs are there to keep the party going all night, and you can taste great food, vines, tea, sweets and other delicacies in private parlours. Splash at the pools, get some energy, dance, relax and enjoy your night! Or opt for a daily version if that’s your fancy because the party never stops!

3. Don’t party alone!

With ample places to visit, parties to attend and activities to do, it would be a shame to miss out on some quality company. Going alone to parties is fun, but going with someone is always better! Spending the night with some sensual and best Liaisons companions will surely make for a memorable visit to Sydney.

4. Underground parties

Talking about Sydney and not mentioning Club 77 should be a crime! Club 77 was once the beating heart of Sydney, and the Australian, alternative scene. Anything from electric, house, rock, punk and electronic music, could be heard in its halls. Red walls are filled with history, tales and energy, offering the best beats even today! DJ legends like Bang Gang, AJAX and Barney Kayo were and sometimes are, performing. All you have to do is get in the ground, alternative and generic mode, strap your best leather jacket and punk the night away!

5. Cocktails and soda

Your night can include elements of class, style and prestige. The Soda Factory is there for a soft and calm start which escalates to a full-on dance floor roumble! But great music and enticing DJs are not their entire repertoire. As the name says, the Soda Factory offers cocktails, flavorful soda drinks, ice cream drinks, soda syphons and more.

Every drink needs its foody partner, and Soda Factory focuses on a heavy American dinner table! Typical dishes from across the Pacific are present, like fried chicken, cheeseburgers, mac&cheese and a whole assortment of hot dogs. First, you build up an appetite, and then you dance the calories away! 

6. 24-hour party

The more things change, the more they remain the same. Abercrombie has gone through a turbulent time, but it’s been renovated in 2022 and shows no signs of slowing down! Three venues have joined into one big show, where you can dance to Sydney record labels like Future Classic, Purple Sneakers and Sweat It Out at any time!

Abercrombie can now boast its 24-hour licence, and that is the truth! One of the rare Sydney bars that has a prestige licence is open for business at any time you find it convenient to enjoy the Sydney version of Broadway.

7. Four in one

If you can’t decide what you wish to listen and dance to, Homebar has you covered! Homebar has four rooms dedicated to funk, disco, techno and two-step music! Spread over three floors, packed with DJs, VIP lounges and cheering crowds, you’ll surely find something to tickle your fancy inside! 

The best way to experience what Sydney has to offer is to get ready, open up your mind and hit the road! With a positive attitude, anything can happen, and we wish you the best of times!


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