DrChrono EHR vs ChartLogic EHR: Feature-to-feature Battle!

DrChrono EHR vs ChartLogic EHR: Feature

Are you looking for a detailed DrChrono vs ChartLogic feature comparison? Are you also tired of bumping into websites that talk more about the side aspects instead of getting straight to the point? If that’s the case with you, this is the right place for you. So, instead of beating about the bush, we will directly jump into an integral part, the DrChrono vs ChartLogic features comparison. The prime reason for carrying out this feature-to-feature battle is to help you pick the EHR that best fits you. So, let’s get started.

DrChrono Features:

The feature range of DrChronoEHR screams perfection. It is just like a piece of art that is nothing less than perfection. Here’s the catch, the vendor offers an exclusive feature range covering all aspects, including EHR, practice management, medical billing, and RCM. By implementing this solution, there’s no need to look for another solution for handling the financial or administrative tasks of clinics. Here’s a well-structured overview of the features offered by DrChrono.

All-in-one EHR:

No healthcare software can offer a more compact EHR asDrChrono does. DrChrono features an all-in-one and fully integrated EHR embedded into the clinical workflow. Besides all the basic services like e-prescribing and customizable charting, this robust EHR module covers many state-of-the-art services for the provider’s sake. It offers telehealth solutions for remote interactions, speech recognition for documentation, MACROS to populate patient notes, drawing tools for the sake of patient education, and lastly vital flow sheets that help track patient’s vitals.

Integrated Practice Management:

DrChrono reviews are mainly about its practice management module that perfectly syncs with the EHR solution. It works wonders by taking the hassle out of the administrative processes and letting clinical administrators work with ease. Its salient features are appointment profiles that come with predetermined time blocks, a comprehensive scheduling tool for automated appointment scheduling, patient kiosks to simplify check-ins, and a practice chat function to enhance staff efficiency. Combined, all these features of DrChrono improve clinical effectiveness.

Streamlined Medical Billing:

This reliable vendor provides a one-in-a-kind billing module for all its clients. With the sole aim of streamlining the financial cash flow, DrChrono features intact billing tools and services. Besides the typical medical billing features, EHR platforms offer, this solution provides many distinctive functionalities. For example, it provides an electronic remittance advice service for conducting detailed analysis, TriZetto, a fully functional clearinghouse, billing profiles of patients, and automated bill statement creation to optimize the billing aspect of practices.


Then there is the RCM module of DrChrono that is all praises as per the reviews of DrChrono. The revenue cycle management solution of DrChrono features impactful services to maximize clinical profitability. This solution helps minimize rejections with built-in medical codes and offers denial resolution for authentic payment clearance. Moreover, the billing services of this module work to help process bills faster. Most importantly, DrChrono reviews reveal that this software gets to the roots of the financial problems primarily related to the claim by performing denial analysis.

ChartLogic EHR Features:

ChartLogic EHR offers a diverse portfolio of features for its client base. Its plethora of features covers all clinical aspects without leaving anything out of it. Even the reviews of ChartLogic EHR are full of praises for its impeccable services. The vendor streamlines clinical workflow and optimizes the financial health of practices by putting its services into action. Here’s a detailed overview of its services.


ChartLogic EHR features a fully-functional EHR solution known for its distinctive range of clinical services. Starting with e-prescription, the software leaves no stone unturned. It goes as far as diagnostic codes to help providers search for suitable customizable templates. It offers services like data share, referral reply, and patient tracker for simplifying medical procedures. A notes template builder is also available so physicians can create suitable templates. Besides that, this ONC-ACB-certified module of Chartlogic features voice dictation, lab integration, and telehealth.

Practice Management:

According to the reviews, the Practice management module of ChartLogics EHR is the best of all. The way this solution simplifies the administrative processes is simply splendid. It works to the core with the sole aim of lessening the workload of medical practices. For this very reason, ChartLogics features an appointment scheduler, bills management services, claims center, payment collection center, and patient registration services. On top of that, this PM solution conducts workflow analysis and performance reporting and features a centralized dashboard so providers can simultaneously monitor all these processes.


RCM solution of ChartLogic is lauded the most in its reviews section. Users say that it serves as an all-inclusive package for medical billing and claims management. Not only that, it even includes a customizable report generating tool and generates meaningful reports as per the set performance metrics. Furthermore, it offers coding assistance by partnering with credentialed coders. Also, it reduces time spent on A/R and follow-ups management. On top of that, it allows for eligibility verification and offers claims tracking service too. According to the public reviews, payment collection is also a breeze with the RCM services of ChartLogics EHR.

MIPS Consulting:

This point is the crux of DrChrono vs ChartLogics feature comparison, as DrChrono doesn’t offer this comprehensive service as ChartLogics does. This vendor optimizes the clinical performance by configuration quality measures. Adding to it, ChartLogics EHR features an incentive revenue estimator tool that adds value to its merit-based incentive payment structure. It improves the overall functioning and productivity of medical practices too. Here’s the catch, a dedicated project manager is assigned to all customers.

DrChrono vs ChartLogics: Who’s the winner?

Well, it is something only you can decide for yourself. It is loud and clear in this DrChrono vs ChartLogics feature comparison that both solutions differ significantly with respect to features. So, for making a decision, you have to understand what you need to run a streamlined practice. If you prefer MIPS consulting, we say go for ChartLogics, but if you want billing services, then DrChrono is your best pick. Reviews show that DrChrono offers more impactful and effective bill management services than ChartLogics. So, look closely into your preferences and then make a decision accordingly.


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