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Does OPPO Mobile Phone have Wireless Charging? 

OPPO Mobile Phone have Wireless Charging

Smartphone battery don’t last for long and connecting them with cable to charge again and again can be annoying. The convenient alternative is to opt for wireless charging. Oppo has always been at the forefront of charging technology, and the company is proving it once more with a new smartphone that charges entirely wirelessly.  

Benefits of wireless charging: 

The most obvious advantage of wireless charging, and the one you’ll notice right away, is convenience: Instead of searching for that cable in the tiny space between your bed and nightstand, simply place your device on a pad or a stand. Also, if you move your device around a lot in between charges which you probably do if it’s your phone much it’s easier to just pick it up and put it back down than to unplug and reconnect it every time. 

Wireless charging, as opposed to plugging in a device, transmits power without touching any exposed electrical connectors. In other words, it lowers the possibility of electric shocks or connection failure. Many injuries have been directly linked to improper charging of cables or cellphones. Doesn’t that sound terrifying? But it does happen. Wireless charging is safer because it stops charging as soon as you pick it up. 

Issues with wireless charging: 

Wireless charging is less efficient and slower: 

For majority of the phones, wireless charging takes a lot of time. Samsung Galaxy S6 wireless charging takes twice the time when compared to the wired charging. 3 hours are required to charge the phone wirelessly and it is a lot of time. Also, wireless charging not only require more time but also more power.  

Wireless charging and over-heating problem: 

When compared to traditional cable charging, wireless charging typically generates some waste heat and can even cause the phone battery to overheat. Some of that wasted power converts to heat, and the extra heat causes more wear and tear on the battery, hastening its ageing every time your phone battery is exposed to high temperatures. 

OPPO addresses these issues with Find X3 Pro 5g: 

Oppo has come up with solutions and has introduced 65W SuperVOOC flash charging. OPPO Find X3 Pro 5G can be charged up to 40 percent in 10 minutes.  How fast is that? Whether it is 65W SuperVOOC flash charge, 50W AirVOOC charger, 35W SuperVOOC flash charge, etc., the phone doesn’t get heated up and the power restores speedily. 

Other OPPO phones that support wireless charging: 

Some other phones from OPPO flagship Find X Series that support wireless charging are given below: 

  • OPPO Find X5 Pro 
  • OPPO Find X5 

OPPO’s AirVOOC chargers: 

OPPO’S 50W AirVOOC charger is a revolutionary design and first of its kind. It is designed to fit in pocket and can be used to charger a wide range of smartphones including iPhones and even laptops. it can be auto-switched to silent mode at nighttime or whenever you want. Also, one of the most helpful feature is that it can charge a smartphone even with a plastic case on it. 


Does OPPO Reno has wireless charging? 

No, OPPO Reno doesn’t support wireless charging. 

Are wireless chargers safe? 

Wireless chargers are safe to use, and they won’t damage the battery of the smartphone.  

Does OPPO A54 has wireless charging? 

No, OPPO A54 doesn’t support wireless charging. 

Bottom line: 

The shift towards wireless charging is more dominant these days as it has begun to be widely implemented.  OPPO has introduced the best and efficient wireless chargers. It is the time that we start charging our OPPO phones through efficient and safer charging option i.e., wireless chargers.  

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