Different Kinds of Fathers According to Their Zodiac Signs

Your father checks his horoscope every morning or knows the concept of astrology; he is most likely expressing characteristics of his sign. Perhaps he’s a friendly Pisces. Perhaps he was the stereotypical father. No need to visit the astrologer in New York, when you can know it here. 

Types of fathers according to the zodiac sign 


You might have grown up thinking that participation awards weren’t nearly enough if your father was a Ram. And, in retrospect, he didn’t seem to mind if you didn’t win the gold. He only wanted to instill in you the importance of giving it your all.

Pros- Protective, playful, and good traits

Cons- Short-sighted, competitive


Is your father the kind who always gives you the same story when you call? Is he the type who takes a moral to the end of these tales? If you answered “yes” to both questions, your father could be a Taurus, a stable earth sign who believes we can benefit from any situation.

Pros- Kindness, dependability

Cons- Over-prudence and pickiness


Gemini fathers have an uncanny ability to make their children appear younger than they are. We’ll never know because they undoubtedly keep an eye on you and your buddies throughout your career. No question is too minor for a Gem father to ask – he’s probably already asked you smaller ones.

Pros- Curiosity, vigor, and friendliness

Cons- Immature and unpredictable.


If you have a deep relationship with your “Cancer” father, he and your sense of humor go hand in hand. A five-minute phone conversation with him is reassuring. He may not give you updates on his life, but he will always inquire about your well-being.

Pros- Compassionate, caring, and patient

Cons- Overly sensitive, withdrawn, and passive-aggressive


Growing up, your Leo father was always on your side — perhaps a little too much. The commitment and care that Leos have for their loved ones might be overpowering, but you can know that it is genuine. Your father, as protective as he had, has never (and will never) fought for you, but he’ll make sure you’re well-prepared to go on the ground prepared. 

Pros- Honest, warm, and giving 

Cons- Dramatic, aggressive


He said he wasn’t going to stay up late, but he did. He stated this was the last time he’d assist you to pay off your college loans, but he agreed to contribute for another three months. Dads born under the sign of Virgo are not known for their spectacular gestures or their loudness. They are, however, always present wherever you need them. You could call it a psychic phenomenon, but we think it’s more of an earth sign phenomenon.

Pros- kind, helpful, and well-prepared

Cons- Anxiety, criticism, and overload 


Simply said, Libran fathers want to be your friend. Sure, he’s your parent, as evidenced by the love and care he generously extends to you, but he’s never relished being the disciplinarian. Because Libras are conflict-averse, he most likely delegated punishment to your other parent. He’s a cool mum and dad, to paraphrase Amy Poehler from Mean Girls.

Pros- Fairness, kindness, and wit 

Cons- Elusive, jittery, and overly idealistic 


The fathers born with the zodiac Scorpio are the calmest in the world. We’re talking about dads who are so quiet and content to be alone that you have no idea they’re home. Your Scorpio father simply enjoys doing things his way.

Pros- Intuition, nonjudgmental, and open-mindedness 

Cons- Distance, privacy, and reserve 


Sag’s father hoped to instill in you the same feeling of wonder and adventure that drives him every day — a noble, if tiring, desire. Fortunately, you know that if your pals cancel your next vacation, you can call old Dad.

Pros- Amusing, easygoing, and eager

Cons– Sidetracked, being overwhelmed, and being flaky.


Whatever objectives your Capricorn father will do everything in his power to assist you in achieving them. Cap fathers can be difficult to read especially their feelings but what your grandfather lacks in an embrace, is he makes phone calls to check in on how you’re doing on your goals.

Pros- Supportive, attentive, and driven

Cons- Strengths: demanding, severe, and unsentimental


Aquarian’s father is a tinker who enjoys nothing more than plunging into a new project, although the length of time he spends on it before moving on to the next project fluctuates.

Pros- Collaborative, inventive, and quirky

Cons- Arrogant, distant, moody 


We haven’t yet discovered anything cozier and cuddlier than a Pisces father. He’ll lend you a shoulder to cry on and give you encouraging words. He’s never too busy to ask how you’re doing, yet he wasn’t always the best at making sure you finished your assignments. This father, in a nutshell, hugs his children.

Pros- Wisdom, empathy, and imagination

Cons- Absent-minded, easily stressed


Using an astrological lens to examine your father’s parenting style may help you see him in a new way — or better understand him. Now, after reading this, there is no point in searching for an astrologer in California to know about your father’s zodiac characteristics.

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