Create a Home Gym with These Tips

Home Gym

If you have had enough of the rising gym membership fees, this is the perfect time to consider designing and installing a home gym. It isn’t such a big task and with that in mind, here are a few tips to help you create the perfect workout environment in your home.

Invest in the Best Quality Equipment

You might ask the question, “ลู่วิ่งไฟฟ้า ยี่ห้อไหนดี Which brand of treadmill is good?” and the answer is, of course, Johnson Thailand. This leading Thai company supplies treadmills, exercise bikes from none other than Matrix, while they offer the Horizon Multi-station for weight training. Investing in top-quality equipment gives your gym longevity and trouble-free use.

Make Use of a Free Gym Design Service

If you buy from the number one Thai supplier, they offer a totally free home gym layout service; have your gym designed by a pro and it won’t cost you a thing! Decide on the equipment you need; a treadmill would be necessary, maybe an exercise bike, a strength workout station, a couple of dumbbells, a bar, and a range of weights. One wall should be covered with mirror tiles, a few rubber mats, perhaps a heavy bag in the corner, and a bench for pressing, don’t forget a few MMA posters to create the right ambience.

Use the Store Locator

When you land on the supplier’s website, use the store locator and pay your nearest store a visit, then you can test the equipment and ask the staff questions. The supplier would deliver and install the equipment, which is usually a free service and you can’t really beat that! Here are a few dietary tips to help with reach your weight loss goals.

Start with the Basics

No one expects you to snap your fingers and have a fully equipped home gym; start with the basics, such as a treadmill and a couple of dumbbells. The next purchase could be an exercise bike, then a Matrix power station, which is a multi-functional feature, the décor can also be gradual; make sure you have an airflow, as working out is hot work!


If you have a spare bedroom, this would be ideal; dismantle the bed, store it in the attic, and remove all other furniture. Choose one wall to cover in mirror tiles and choose the best location for a heavy bag. Other than the spare room, the garage is another option, or even under a carport is fine in Thailand. 


Invest in a couple of Bluetooth speakers to give you sounds while working out; create a playlist with motivating tunes that are ideal for weight training and fitness routines. You should do what you can to create the right ambience and your gym will take on a professional feel.

Once you find the leading Thai retailer for gym equipment, browse their product catalogue, take advantage of the free gym design service, and order the first few items when the room is prepared.

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