Cleaning up the messes at work

Cleaning up the messes at work

There’s a difficult time between where you are now and where you want to be that requires extra focus when you are unhappy at work or when you plan to change jobs or careers. If you are unhappy at work you have a few options.

Quit right now with no notice, telling them to take the job and shove it as you walk out the door. Feel a few moments of joy and freedom until you take yourself to your next opportunity and, most likely, recreate the same unhappiness you had before.

Stay with a bad attitude. Tell the story every day of how you hate your job, the people you work with, and how you are underpaid, under-appreciated, and have no options. The more you practice this outlook the easier it becomes.

Stay and tell a different story. Talk about what you appreciate about your job or career. Practice looking at the bright side and you will see the more bright side. Heck, your co-workers and boss might even start treating you differently.

Stay and tell a different story while defining what you want in your next career move. Be on the lookout for the next opportunity all the while appreciating your current position and building more skills and contacts.

One thing that helps is to focus more on what you want next rather than what you don’t like about where you are currently because that makes the current day-to-day very difficult and keeps a negative vibe going. So during times of change, it’s important to focus on the excitement for what is coming but with an ability to be appreciative of where you are now and how far you’ve come. Instead of leaving your current position in anger or hastily, think in terms of going to the next step in your career out of excitement and interest and let that guide your actions as seen on the Naija gist news.

The Four-Letter Word That Makes You and Your Work Irresistible by Mark Sanborn.

Just right-click on the image below and choose “save link as” to read the pdf file on your computer. Enjoy!

I received a complimentary copy of “Awaken Your CAREERpreneur” by Alexia Vernon for review and wanted to share it with you because it reflects an idea whose time has come…everyone as CEO of their own career. I received no other compensation for posting music on the website.

Alexia Vernon gave us a lesson on personal networking and building your All-Star team in a previous audio post. After reading her book, I must tell you, she has got it going on as a trainer and expert in career development.

In her new book, “Awaken Your CAREERpreneur: A Holistic Road Map to Get from Your Calling to Your Career,” she pulls together a spectacular process to help you to your dream career and she offers spot-on coaching insights along the way. Her process goes from creating the vision and overcoming barriers right on through to crossing the finish line. I really like the written exercises she has developed including, to name a few of my favorites: writing a letter from an employer offering your next perfect opportunity, the tolerations list, the first impression questionnaire, and the sticky factor top ten lists.

She also organizes a step-by-step plan for interview preparation and personal network building that is top-notch. Most importantly, she emphasizes the often-forgotten step of attitude and mindset prep work as a daily habit. I just love the fierce concept that she creatively intertwines into the networking chapters too and watching the channel.

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