Ceramic Coating: Does It Work?

A ceramic coating can be applied to your car. It can protect your car’s paint finish, according to popular opinion. Is it superior to waxing and polishing your car? How does it compare against the paint protection films (PPFs)? Is it worth the money considering its price?

We understand that you may have asked the same questions several times before needing clarification. It can sometimes be irritating to see contradictory information all over the internet. We decided to end the confusion once and for everything.

Today, we will explain the basics of ceramic coats for cars. It’s what it is, how it compares to other methods, and what our experts think. Here it is…

Basics Ceramic Coating

We get it. Your car should look beautiful all the time. You are open-minded to any permanent and effective solution.

You’ve tried all the basics, such as daily washing, monthly waxing, and rubbing your skin with mild soap to get rid of dirt, grime, or stain marks. You still get swirl marks the next day from all the washing.

Now, you can think of something else. It’s a solution that will make your car shine daily with little to no maintenance. You only need to apply the solution once, which will last for years.

Is it the best option to stop dirt and grime stuck in your car’s interior? Let’s discover.

What is Ceramic Coating, exactly?

Ceramic coating for cars is a chemical polymer that can be applied to vehicles to protect them from external damage. It is applied by hand and blends into the vehicle’s paint to provide an extra layer of protection.

The chemical bonding did not damage the factory paint job.

It is believed that it can be used as an alternative to Clear Bra (paint protector film) by car enthusiasts and detailers. However, ceramic coating is not a substitute for waxing. The primary purpose of ceramic coating is to protect the paintwork from dirt, grime, and stains.

Ceramic coating is either permanent or semi-permanent. This depends on the type of material used and the coating. Due to its chemically intrinsic nature, it does not degrade in rain or other normal atmospheric conditions.

Ceramic Coating Experiences & Benefits

If you take any chemical compound item, you’ll find a strong solution. Ceramic coatings are durable and easier to clean after they have been applied. These are just a few reasons for applying a ceramic coating to your vehicle.

Protection from Harmful UV Rays

You can only imagine how much damage UV rays can do to your car’s paint. Ceramic coating will protect your car’s paint from oxidizing. It will also prevent it from dullening and fading. If you park your car outside, this is an essential step.

Protection from Chemical Stains

You can also get chemical stains from acids in the air. This coating will prevent the contaminants from bonding to your paint. Ceramic coating can help to reduce the city’s air pollution.

Hydrophobic Nature, Ease in Cleaning

Car washing can become a hassle when it comes to waxing and other types of detailing. Ceramic coating means you won’t have to worry if the polymer wears off. (Also, it is necessary to completely remove the coating using another process, such as polishing/wet-sanding.


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